10 Reasons Why Every Straight Guy Needs A Gay Best Friend

Straight guys and gay men are two peas in a pod. If they’re the yin, we’re undoubtably the yang. For most gay guys, starting a friendship with a straighty can be fantastic. Unfortunately for many straight men out there, getting too close to a gay guy seems like unchartered territory. But I’m here to tell you that both straight and gay men benefit from calling each other bestie. Here’s why:

1. We Give Firsthand Knowledge On LGBT People

They hear it from the horse’s mouth so speak, rather than their broody straight friend who probably knows next to nothing about gay culture. There are too many misconceptions in the world for a straight guy to contemplate which is why having a gay guy present to answer can be fabulous. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “So… if you’re gay, aren’t you, like, boning all your other gay friends? You know, to help each other out or something?” As much as we like to think these questions are ridiculous, they’re pretty much everywhere! It’s probably best for a gay guy to set the record straight.

2. To Hone Their Insight On Women

Let’s face it. As much as straight guys like to think they know everything about girls, they only base their ideas on how women react to their charms. If they have a bad game, chances are they’ll have wrong interpretations on women’s brains. There are a lot of straight men who don’t have the empathetic skills to interpret a lady’s feelings which is why gay guys should be brutally honest. Having a gay guy to translate is always going to enhance a straight man’s insight, which will then bubble over to how he views the world as a whole. It’s a win, win.

3. It’ll Keep Phony “Machismo” At Bay

There is an epidemic happening in today’s world and it’s called the Religion of Manhood. Too often we depend on machismo, masculinity and testosterone to define who we are as a man. Being gay has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity, but unfortunately much of the world sees it that way. Because of this, men try to amp up their masculine attributes in an effort not to appear “gay.” In the end they only look foolish and are too lost in their head to appreciate the person they are. We’re all guilty of it, both straight and gay guys. Appreciating each other for who we are, aware of the contrast in orientation, will slowly break away all forms of pretending. Authenticity will soon blossom.

4. We’re Not Afraid To Talk About Sensitive Subject Matter

I can’t tell you how many straight guys tell me they love talking to me because of the conversations we have. Don’t ask me why, but for some reason straight guys seem to constantly be showing off in front of each other and in an effort to ease the tension, they’ll resort to small (unimportant) talk with each other. Obviously this doesn’t go for all straight guys, but it exists just the same. Since there’s little pressure to show off in front of us, perhaps it becomes easy to discuss topics relating to art, music, the future of science or even the subtext behind Harry Potter. I do love a good J.K. Rowling conversation.

5. To Clean Each Other’s Closets

Let’s face it. A lot of straight and gay guys can use some help in this department. There have been many straight people whom I donated closet-cleaning service for, getting their wardrobe in order and introducing them to a new technique called “mixing and matching.” On the same note, straight guys have also helped me with my closet, reintroducing my tastes to the clothes I wear. The combination is fantastic and we both end up looking like the best versions of ourselves at every event. If I had a nickel every time my straight roommate and I borrowed each other’s clothes I could buy and sell a Starbucks franchise.

6. Both Our Self-Confidences Improve

Look at the big picture. It’s rare for two straight guys to reveal their sensitive sides to each other. Tears are seen as a sign of weakness in today’s man culture, but the thing is without tears there are almost no lessons to be learned. I’m not saying life has to be a never ending Oprah segment, but sometimes a non judging voice of the same sex will help you get things off your chest. Gay guys are a little less intimidating than straight guys when it comes late night therapy sessions after a drinking binge of mimosas on a Sunday. That’s just a fact.

7. Gain More Empathy

Empathy knows no gender or orientation. There are countless of straight guys with endless amounts of empathy just as there are gay guys with almost none. In no way, shape, or form am I saying gay guys need to be felt “sorry for,” but in my personal opinion, a lack of empathy comes from a lack of knowledge. Not being able to see another person’s perspective is a serious problem for humanity. Being close with someone of a different orientation naturally opens itself to gaining insight which then acts as a springboard for further knowledge of other things.

8. To Enhance A Network Of Friends

Everyone needs a bigger network of friends, especially in this dog-eat-dog world. For young men trying to rise in their field, it’s all about who you know. When a gay guy is besties with a straight man, they’re bound to enhance their network towards each other’s world. If all your friends are business people, chances are most of the new folk that come in your life will be in relation to that criteria. If you’re hanging out with partiers, you might find yourself getting to know, well, other partiers. It’s always healthy to expand your network of friends. You never know who you might meet.

9. They’ll Keep Him Updated On Current Events (Most Of The Time) 

Sometimes a straight guy needs to know about Miley’s latest Tweet pic. There are some positive things that can come out of diving head first into pop culture, the latest trends and up-to-date lingo. It’s sort of a “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” type of scenario. On one hand, a gay guy can help his straight friend from looking like an idiot in front of his new girlfriend while the straight guy can make the gay guy’s ex-boyfriend jealous by putting his arm around him when they run into him at Trader Joe’s. It’s a perfect relationship. I use my obsession with pop culture to my benefit.

10. We’re Excellent Cuddle Buddies

In case you haven’t heard, studies have shown that straight guys love to cuddle with guys. As we all know, gay guys are excellent sources for the cuddly wuddlies. Just sayin’…

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