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10 Things You Should Be Telling Him Other Than ‘I Love You’

There are plenty of ways to verbally express your affection for someone other than saying “I love you.” Sometimes, expressing your love without saying it can be more powerful. So here are ten things you should say (in addition to the gold standard of “I love you.”) to show your partner how much you truly care about them!

1. “You can do it.”

Giving your partner the confidence to do whatever it is they’re struggling with is one of the best gifts you can give to them. Sometimes they need someone else to believe in them before they can believe in themselves.

2. “I support you.”

In addition to telling them they are capable of doing whatever it is that they want to do, let them know that you encourage them in their endeavors. You want them to explore whatever new avenue they’re contemplating, no matter what the outcome may be. Let them know you’ll always be there standing right beside them.

3. “I’m proud of you.”

Regardless of whether they succeed or fail, let them know that you are proud of the work they have done. Let them know that all the blood, sweat, and tears they put into bettering themselves, bettering their career, and pursuing their passion didn’t go unnoticed.

4. “I appreciate you.”

Appreciation is a close sister to validation, and everyone likes being validated for what they do. They like knowing that people–in this case you–recognize the time, effort, and sacrifices they put into your relationship.

5. “I’m sorry.”

When you do something that hurts them, whether it’s accidental or on purpose, let them know that you’re sorry. Let them know that you care how your words and behaviours affect them.

6. “You were right.”

Therapists may disagree with me, and this shouldn’t be something you’re saying all the time, but I think there’s power in not only apologising, but in saying, “I was wrong. You were right.” Let them have that “I told you so” moment.

7. “Let me take you out on a date.”

Once the new relationship energy fades, we often become complacent and, well, boring in our relationships. Surprising your partner with something unexpected and exciting is a simple thing you can do to tell your partner that you still love being with them.

8. “You make me so happy.”

Let them know the positive effect they have on you on a daily basis. Tell them that waking up to them, receiving that “How was your day?” text, and going out to dinner together puts a huge smile on your face.

9. “Let’s order dessert.”

First of all, who doesn’t like dessert? But second, and more importantly, I think it subtly shows that you wouldn’t care if he “let himself go” so to speak. You love him for who he is, not how he looks. So if he put on some extra pounds, you wouldn’t love him any less.

10. “I’ll never leave you.”

I’m aware that this may not be the 100% truth, and no one can predict what the future holds. But a number of people struggle with abandonment issues, and giving them a solid sense of security is the most loving thing you can do for them.


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