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33 Things Single Men Want in a Relationship, But Don’t Know It

I dream every day. We all do. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, for without a dream, how can we have hope? It’s the fuel that drives our willingness to achieve our greatest potential in life. The man of our dreams, though he seems to be out of reach, is closer than any of us think. The trouble is our society is trained to always find what’s wrong with a man before looking at what’s right.

If you ask single people what they want most in a relationship, they’ll most likely tell you practical things – good sex, balanced work lives, good chemistry. But the truth of the matter is it’s the little things in a relationship that make it precious:

#1) Someone who is searching for the same things you are, and you both know it because you each find it hard to articulate what it is.

#2) A man who understands that first dates aren’t always the best impression you can make, especially when you both really like each other from the start.

#3) Someone with the ability to surprise you when you least expect it.

#4) A man who can make you laugh so hard you’re on the floor with tears and can hardly breathe.

#5) A guy who wants all of you – your flaws, your baggage, your love handles, your receding hairline, your sickness, your career, your dreams, your goals, your nightmares, your disappointments, your family, your friends, your bank account.

#6) To hold hands, kiss, and snuggle on the subway without worrying about people staring – a man who doesn’t care anyway.

#7) A man to miss so much when he’s gone it hurts, and to know that he feels the exact same way about you.

#8) Making your profile picture a cute image of you and your man (even though you repeatedly tell yourself how much you hate “those kinds” of couples).

#9) Someone to say “Goodnight” and “Good Morning” to each and every day, and eventually reach a point where it becomes routine.

#10) To be so comfortable around a man that burping, farting, and drooling on the pillow are no longer the most embarrassing things you can do.

#11) To have heated arguments so intense that the only outcome is to laugh at how ridiculous you both sound.

#12) A man who knows the people in your life you kinda hate, and is always there to find an “excuse” out of a conversation with them.

#13) To not give a f*ck that the rest of the world is out on a Saturday night because you’re chilling with your man in pajamas on the couch watching Netflix and ordering takeout.

#14) To schedule your lunch breaks at work during the same hour so you can Facetime each other and bitch about how much you hate your jobs whilst eating Chipotle on a park bench.

#15) An excuse to delete Grindr once and for all, then lie to the world by saying how “gross” you think it is when in actuality it helped keep you sane during the dry spells.

#16) Someone who takes Halloween just as seriously as you take it, will have no qualms in dressing up as an item, and takes as much time that is necessary to make it perfect. Then come home and laugh at how everyone else’s costumes weren’t as good as yours.

#17) A man who tries to make sure you keep your New Years resolution every year, even though he probably knows you won’t.

#18) Someone who understands the dynamic you have with family and friends, and is always there to rescue you out of uncomfortable conversations and moments.

#19) A man who isn’t so uptight he’s willing to break the law with you from time to time. Even if it’s something as small as running a stop sign, you’re always going to feel like Bonnie and Clyde.

#20) A guy who wants to have new experiences with you, whether it’s traveling, cooking new recipes, trying new exercise routines, taking detours around the city, or spontaneous road trips.

#21) To have secret hand gestures that mean different things, i.e. “Let’s go” or “I love you” or “Meet me at the bar” or “We’re having sex tonight.”

#22) Someone who knows exactly how you like your coffee and makes it perfectly every time without needing to ask you.

#23) Someone who is a straight shooter – he doesn’t play games with you or is entertained by watching you chase after him; a guy who’s honest with his feelings for you and doesn’t allow you both to waste time.

#24) A man who you’ll have just as much fun with at a friend’s birthday party as you would watching TV with him on the couch or partying with him at a club. Wherever he is, fun will always ensue.

#25) Someone who will make fun of pretentious gay guys with you and have a great time doing it because you both know how idiotic they look.

#26) A man who will listen to Alanis Morissette on repeat with you for as long as is humanly possible without going insane or needing to smash something.

#27) Someone who will binge watch your favorite TV shows with you when you’re sick and feel like you’re dying.

#28) To find someone who is just as comfortable in silence as you are.

#29) A man big enough to forgive you for saying the most awful things imaginable to him with the intention of hurting him because he knew you didn’t mean it.

#30) Someone who still loves you long after your looks have gone, long after your dreams may or may not have come true, and long after the turbulence of youth has vanished.

#31) A man who holds your hand during traumatic events in which you might blame yourself or others. He’s there to remind you that you’re still here and can get through it together.

#32) Someone to grow old with and look back at all the times to say, “We had fun didn’t we?” or “Do you remember…?”

#33) A man who tells you how much he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and makes that promise come true.

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