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4 Ways to Express Your Queer Self with Fashion

Clothes may not make the (wo)man, but they certainly speak volumes of our beliefs, values, and personal preferences. Still buying without checking the label out? You might be unwittingly supporting fast fashion, unfair labor, and companies that violating human and animal rights across the board. Even more so, your color palette, your idea of trendy and timeless, your idea of what liberates you and what celebrates your sexuality and your personality are all expressed through, you’ve guessed it – fashion.

In fact, taking a closer look at your wearables means you also give your identity a chance to come to light even more, to deepen your self-expression, and to reveal the most important parts of your selfhood, including your queer nature. Here are a few ways you can do just that, with the right fashionable items at your disposal!

Dress for your self – literally

How often do your find yourself just glancing at a weird piece of clothing, like a glossy, purple faux leather jacket, and just keep walking because you don’t want the eye-rolling and the whispers? First of all, look around. Normal is overrated. And who set the limits for what’s construed as normal to begin with?

If you feel sexy, powerful, awesome, comfortable in your cool purple jacket, get it. No one but you lives in your wardrobe, so they shouldn’t be privy to making the decisions, either. Kick all those uninvited guests out of your mind palace and never let them ruin another perfectly good sale of high heels. If you like it, go get it.

Ditch others’ opinions

Your sexuality is a huge part of your identity, and thankfully, the newly embraced androgynous fashion approach is gaining traction as we speak. Suddenly, you’ll find more designers ditching gender labels, and more of their garments fitting people, not stereotypes. So, if you love wearing high waisted jeans with something gauzy and transparent, go for it. Don’t let others’ opinions stop you from trying the jeans or the top on, or feeling fab in both.

Plus, there are many fashion collections that can work for you and that provide genuinely awesome garments that could potentially skyrocket your stylish self.

Play with colors

It’s no coincidence that the famous rainbow has become the symbol of the LGBT+ community, and that it still stands for all of our most cherished values. Historically speaking, queer people, especially still closeted ones, used bright hues to “signal” one another. In different countries, different vibrant colors were used, and the rainbow flag united them all into a single symbol of freedom.

If you like your black and white combos, by all means, stick to them. But if you’re ready to ditch your comfort zone, try infusing your look with vibrancy through playful colors, and you’ll find the feeling rather liberating. Not sure where to begin? Start small, with accessories or footwear, and work your way up until you find that sweet stylish spot where you feel your queerest.

Accessories to the rescue

While we’re on the subject of accessories, they are every queer person’s go-to for expressing themselves even in the most conservative, dress-code-limited circumstances. Plus, they are a perfect way to transition from an undefined look into a celebration of your identity in its full shine and glory.

Even when you absolutely need to wear something professional to work, no one can possibly stop you from putting on your most fabulous, daring pair of shades you own – and feel pretty in pink all you like. Or add a pair of haute shoes in ultraviolet or royal blue to offset a brown jacket and add some sizzle to your gay style. A bracelet with all those rainbow hues is yet another subtle, but powerful ways to rebel whenever the situation lets you, and you’re in the mood for some, let’s say, audacity to be yourself.


It takes courage to discover and unveil your true self, not just to the world, but to yourself. So do it with flair! Use your style to express your identity in all of its glory, including your innermost gay self, and enjoy yourself down to every last garment you purchase.

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