5 Bedroom Design Tips For Newly Married Gay Couples

Tying the knot as a gay couple is very serious and admirable. Now that you’re officially a family, you probably have big plans when it comes to your home. The best thing to start from is the bedroom, because this room gets most of the use when you’re resting, sleeping, being naughty and enjoying each other company. So how can a newly married gay couple set up their bedroom?

Pick the color

The best option of bedroom color is one that both of you like, but something essentially harmonious and relaxing. Today, shades of deep yellow and brown are quite popular. If you don’t want to go big with colors, you can add a pop or two with wall accents, bedding and art and leave the rest neutral in white and beige.

To add some romance and ‘fire’ to your bedroom, you can add a few red accents for a perfect ambience. But, red can often be overwhelming, so go small with details. Creating a love wall is a great idea—decorate an accent wall with your wedding pictures, candid shots and even a naked selfie or two.

Find the right bed

Your bed should be the star of the bedroom, so make sure to put a lot of thought into its choice. In general, gay couples are satisfied with a queen bed which is perfect for a smaller bedroom and a cozy night’s sleep. Upgrading to a full queen mattress size (especially after sleeping on something tiny before) will provide you with ultimate comfort without breaking your bank. And if you choose a high-quality manufacturer, they can make sure your mattress is in top shape for years. When you notice your mattress is sagging, the company will replace just the worn-out layer and let you keep your trusted bed. This practice saves money yet does not spare a dime when it comes to your sleep quality. If you’re two bigger guys, don’t hesitate to opt for a sturdy bedframe that will stay steady through any motion in the sheets. And finally, a padded headboard will additionally boost comfort and provide softness when you’re watching TV in bed, reading or having late-night pillow talks with your husband.

Light it up

It’s important for your bedroom to have layered lighting. During the night, you need some ambience for romance and deep relaxation—this can be achieved with a lamp with a dimmer. If you want a more modern look, an LED strip under the bed will give your bedroom a futuristic look that’s perfect for bathroom trips, background lighting while watching TV or cuddling before you drift off to sleep. General overhead lighting is necessary for dressing up if you have a wardrobe in your bedroom. On the other hand, you will need some blackout curtains for deep sleep, especially if you love to sleep in on the weekends.

His and his wardrobe

If you have enough space, don’t hesitate to add two wardrobes to the bedroom, each one catering to the user’s needs. Each closet should have provisions for hanging longer coats, shirts and bags, those for storing casual clothing and pants and drawers reserved for accessories. A mirror is an optional addition because many don’t like to have this décor item in the bedroom (according to Feng Shui). But if you love to get dressed in front of a mirror or have a cute view of the two of you in bed, it’s a great addition to your bedroom no matter what anyone else says.

Provide airflow

Sleeping in a stuffy bedroom is unbearable, especially if you live somewhere hot. The bedroom should smell fresh and sweet and be free of allergens. Check the humidity in your space and add a humidifier to the room or maybe even consider an air purifier (this also adds a nice white noise to your bedroom). If you want to go a natural route, a snake plant is a great bedroom plant that will help you keep the air clean and your mood healthy.

If you talk to your partner and make these decisions together, you can easily create the bedroom of your dreams and create a lot of fun and romantic memories in your space.

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