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5 Household Items Every Cool Gay Guy Should Own

Gay guys really do know what things they should buy and which ones they should stay away from. However, there are so many cool things that you could buy yourself, and it is very challenging to know which one you should buy first, which one is only cool yet not very usable, and what will bring all the boys to your yard (a milkshake, perhaps?) So, if you have been thinking about cool things you could buy yourself (or your partner or gay friend) and you have no idea what, take a look at our ideas. This is also a great checklist to see if you, as a cool gay guy, have everything you need.

A good lamp

This is something that many people don’t realize they need until somebody hot comes to their home and they realize that their chandelier is the only light they could turn on, which is a complete turn off, right? So, a good thing would be to have a very sexy lamp, the one that dims the light in the best possible way. Apart from that, you also need a lamp that throws good light so that you could take sexy selfies, so always think about that.

A good coffee machine

Another thing that will make you quite a cool person is a good coffee machine that you will have in your house. Drinking coffee is a popular activity, not only in Australia, but in the rest of the world as well, so it’s always good to wake up in the morning and be able to make yourself a cup of coffee of the highest quality, or invite somebody over for a good cup of coffee. This is why you should check out the offer of coffee roasters in Sydney, pick the best one, and get the ability to have your own coffee shop at home. You know how much gays love coffee, which means that this is definitely a must.

Good wine glasses

What would you do if you invited a hot guy over and he asked for wine? Would you give him a glass of wine in an old glass? How would you organize a romantic dinner for two? This means that you need to have good wine glasses at your disposal at all times. There is a plethora of wine glasses that you can get know – some are cheap, others are expensive – so make sure to get ones that are pretty and that will last you for some time. Bear in mind that you should have different wine glasses for red wine and white wine, and if you want to be very bold, you can have glasses for champagne as well.


This is not a must, but it definitely is one of the coolest things a guy should have. We all love seeing a hot hunk getting out of the shower in the morning and putting on his bathrobe and drinking coffee on the balcony while reading the newspapers – so why not be one of those? You can find plenty of bathrobes on the market, but if you want to get one for yourself, don’t save money on it. It’s better not to buy one then buy a cheap one, as cheap bathrobes show.

A bookshelf

Finally, why not have a good bookshelf? There is that saying that you should not have sex with somebody who doesn’t have at least two books, so why not get a whole bookshelf in your apartment? Not only is reading very cool and you get immersed into different worlds, but a nice bookshelf filled with books can really enhance the aesthetics of your apartment. Moreover, you can opt for some of the most interesting designs as there are some really magnificent ones! Find the best place to install it and fill it with books. This could be in your living room (which is perhaps the best place for a bookshelf), or even in your bedroom.

Apart from these, there are so many things that a cool gay guy should have, and not even 100 items would be enough. However, these five are either very unusual and rare in homes (and we want to encourage having them) or they will make you a cooler gay person. So, take your wallet and get shopping!

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