Dating is hard! And even harder when it comes to date the same sex person. There is no doubt in the fact that our society still judges people who are courageous enough to come out of the closet and disclose identity gender and identity openly. It requires a lot of courage to do that because neither religious nor cultural norms gave approval to such activity and regarded them a heinous sin in the eye of God. But still, this is also true that no one chooses the gender, but it is one of the most basic things that are given.

There are a number of arguments, and we cannot solve and answer each one of them. But what we can do is ease the problems of the people who have been sidelined and considered abnormal in the world of the heterosexual majority. Therefore, lesbian dating and relationship are one of the most important aspects of their life that get ignored and due to less knowledge and information becomes the greatest problem of their whole existence.

To solve this issue, we have outlined the most important features and aspects that are needed to be learned; otherwise, you could face rejections and insults. In the world of heterosexual majority, homosexual people, gay and lesbians are unable to find the romantic partner of the dreams and their perfect match.

Most of the time, people do not show their sexual inclinations directly but try to make them a secret. Even if they are open and direct, then still the chance to win the other person is very critical. Because in these relationships, there is no man involved; this is why you are in charge of taking the lead and making the offer. Do not wait and try to start the conversation yourself, pay the bill, and ask for a contact number and social media accounts to become friends.

You need to woman up and try to run the whole relationship by having the upper hand if the involved party is not bossy and happy to follow the lead. Because in a relationship, one partner is required to be bossy and act as a caretaker; however, the other one follows the lead and enjoys the attention.

If you are new in this world and do not know how to handle the relationship and even make it start then, you should read this following guide and help yourself to get the best partner.


If you are fish out of the water and came into the world of lesbians just now, then you need to learn a lot. First and foremost, do thorough research on each aspect of the lifestyle you have just adopted. Because there are several things that one should take care of otherwise with time, they can become a huge burden on yourself.

Among them taking care of personal hygiene is very important because if you neglect this part, then you can build some serious diseases inside your body like STD, herpes, HPV, and yeast infection in mouth etc. These diseases and infections are highly dangerous and can lead to becoming serious enough that can ruin and affect your whole lifestyle. Therefore, taking care of personal hygiene, visiting your gynecologist daily is highly recommended if you’re involved in any kind of sexual activity.


When it comes to dating the same gender than the dating and relationship become more confusing, complicated and difficult to handle. Even the initiation of the talk becomes highly complicated to manage. And losing confidence at this step can ruin your whole struggle and work that you have put in to talk to the other girl. This is why make sure to build a confident personality so you can show the best of yourself and make the whole conversation easier for the other party too.

If you lack confidence and feel shy to go and meet the new people, communities and groups, then there are almost zero chances to meet any lesbian girl. Because even at clubs and lesbians gatherings, people do not have many choices and get involved with the second person they lay their eyes on. The process is quick, and the person with confidence is able to make a good relationship in the end.

Therefore, confidence is key. Make sure to be comfortable under your own skin and think positive about yourself. Because no matter what your gender identity is, you are still human and have emotions and feel everything. You also see dreams, and these can only be fulfilled if you start acting upon them.


If you want to get yourself a girlfriend, then you must first get yourself a wing woman or man. By having a wingman or woman by your side, you can easily attract the other girls to yourself and start a conversation. In this way, you will be able to get the insights into her life and can judge the personality, and you can see whether you are sharing any interests with her or not. By having a wing woman, you can make the other girls get comfortable and hold her at the place for a longer time. Because in group settings, people feel more comfortable and can express themselves easily if the topic of the discussion is of their choice.

Also, if the other girls or the one you are trying to hit on is not showing any interest in you, then you can also see her answer by asking the indirect questions in groups. With girlfriends or wing women, one can ask for advice and make them help by asking them to question in place of you. In this way, your dating life becomes more fun and much easier to handle.


This is the most important and up-to-date tip one can give to all lesbians. Do not try to limit yourself to one type. This means that you should try to go for different options. Do not try to set and fix an age limit, color type, height, weight, and personality type for yourself but look for a different type of girl and make sure to learn new things with every relationship. For example, if you are a bit introverted and a shy girl then you must not limit yourself to introverted girls but also look for extroverted types so you can also learn the new habits and different ways of lifestyles.

Furthermore, if you are an extroverted girl who loves to spend her time doing a party, clubbing, racing or experimental things then getting yourself an adventure-loving partner will be great but also has a calm personality in your life can also be very beneficial for you. And also it can turn out to be more long-lasting in comparison to the former one.


If you are worried about not getting into a relationship and unable to tell if the girl is interested in you or not, then you must consider online dating platforms that are designed and formed especially for lesbians and have gathered all the lesbians around the world. There are a number of lesbians websites and Facebook groups like HER that are dedicated to bringing all lesbians together and bringing their dating life alive.


Dating is a need and having a good relationship is everyone’s dream no manner if you are a heterosexual girl and boy or homosexual lesbians and gay. But this is also a fact that for minorities it has become a huge issue and they are not able to understand even the basics as there is no open talk about this subject and considered a taboo in society. But with this simple guide, you can find the answers to simple questions.

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