5 Tips for Planning a Same-Sex Wedding

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Celebrating same-sex weddings is always important. After so many years, and after so much fighting, we can finally be happy with the one person we choose. This is exactly why spending a lot of time planning the wedding ceremony and the party is important. It’s because we want to show the world how happy we are about it, and how much this means to us. How everything we do, we do in the honor of every past gay generation who didn’t have the chance to. The only problem might be that you don’t actually know how to plan a same-sex wedding party, and this is where we step in to help you (we scratch each other’s backs!). Take a look at these five tips that will make it much easier for you to plan any wedding party, especially a same-sex one:


Find an amazing venue

The first thing that you need to deal with is the venue of your wedding. Bear in mind that a good venue can either make or break your wedding, so it’s very important to choose one that you particularly like and one where you can imagine yourself getting married. This is one of the most important dates of your life, and you owe it to yourself to not settle for the second-best venue that you find. This is why it’s always good to actually book everything in advance, before it disappears. Know that popular venues in Australia are always booked a long time in advance, so hurry up.


Organize the food and the drinks

Once you have the venue ready and you know where and when you will host the wedding, it’s time to think about the bar and the buffet. Since you will have a lot of other responsibilities concerning the wedding, it would be best to ask one of the best catering companies in Sydney for help, as then you will be sure that there will be no mistakes. Choose the types of meals that you want to offer and the rest is up to them. As far as the bar is concerned, you want to have alcohol of the highest quality. What could also be a good idea is to opt for cocktails only – this is always super fun and can be quite unique.


Think about the ceremony

How are you going to organize the ceremony? This is also something that you need to have in mind, so make sure that you have everything ready – starting from the celebrant to the chairs, and the timetable. Also, make sure that your music is ready, regardless of what kind of music that is. You can hire a good band who will perform, or perhaps a DJ who will play your favorite songs. Be that as it may, this is also something you want to know as soon as possible as it will make everything else easier to organize.


The decor

Next up – the decor. This is perhaps the most fun part of organizing a wedding celebration, and the good thing is that you can literally do whatever you want. The first step would be to choose the color palette for the ceremony. You can always go with white and golden as it’s always popular, but then again, the choice is yours. However, bear in mind to choose flowers that look good and that fit the color scheme that you opt for. Finally, do not forget to pay extra attention to the bar and the buffet as they will have to be perfectly decorated as well.


Dress to impress

Last but certainly not least, think carefully about the clothes that you will be wearing. It is a same-sex wedding after all, so the fashion expectations are going to be quite high. In any case, if you’re opting for suits, make sure that they are well-fitted. Getting a suit that is not properly tailored might not look perfect on you, which is not something that you want. You want the best of the best, so do not try to save money on your wedding attire.


These have been the five most important tips as you don’t want to forget them. Write them down, and tick them once you finish with everything. After all, let’s all prove that the organizational skills of the gays are to die for! Oh, yes, and congrats on your marriage, may it be forever!

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