5 Tips to Determine the Right Bra Size

Shopping for a new bra can be the most challenging and hardest of tasks during the shopping of clothing for yourself or a loved one. Finding the perfect size bra is often such an unpleasant experience for many women that they prefer to wear the old bra, and that too for a long period, even when it loses its fitting. When this happens, straps start to slip off or the band gradually stretches out.

So, many women wear uncomfortable bras that dig into their shoulders or slip off. This can create an awkward situation. Sometimes, wearing the wrong bra size can make you uncomfortable and ruin your whole personality look. For the above-mentioned reasons, 75% of women wear the wrong bra size that causes breast pain, backaches. On the other hand, if your bra size is right, your outfit looks flawless, you look tall and your waist looks thinner.

The right size of bra may erase the shoulder and back discomfort. The only situation to avoid shopping fears that women must know the right size. They must calculate all the measurements, and this requires a few minutes only. Bra size may differ from one lingerie brand to another; women who have plus bra size face a lot of problems while shopping because a c-cup at one store can be a d-cup at another. And sometimes this bra size will be not available at any store easily. For this cause, to provide comfort to these women with the fullest bust, the plus-size bras NZ are available to assist you. 

With the online shopping made easy and comfortable, all you need to do is to calculate your measurements and note them down to always remember whenever your shopping mood triggers. This will help you a lot and make your shopping easy and convenient.

Ways to determine the right bra size

It is very hard to find out the perfect bra of your size. A large number of women would agree that purchasing a perfect bra is the most troublesome part of shopping as compared to other clothing items. Here are some tips and, by applying these tips, women can easily determine the right size.


For this, you will need a measuring tape and stand in front of the mirror and then pull the measuring tape around your ribs under your breasts. Do not pull the tape tightly because it will disturb the measurement. Always use a mirror to make sure that your tape is in a straight line and must be at the level. Even a slight difference can cause inaccurate measurements. You must measure band size in even numbers. For instance, if your result is an even number, then add four inches to it. If it is odd, then add five inches to it. Your band size is the sum of this calculation. So, if you measured 31 inches, then your band size is 36. On the other hand, if it is 34 inches, then the size of the band will be 38.


The next step is to find out your bust size; you must warp your measuring tape around your back and then measure your breasts in such a way that not a single side of your breast is left. Now, note down all the measurements. Remember that your bust size or cup size can fluctuate during the menstrual cycle because of hormonal problems, so always try to measure when your breasts feel normal. Do not pull the tape tightly as this will give an inaccurate measurement. Similar to the method you applied for the band size, get the value to the nearest whole number if your result is an odd number or a fraction. Make sure that your position is right, your posture is suitable and your tape is straight around your back.


The key to finding out your perfect cup size is by simply subtracting the value of your band size from the value of your bust size. The difference between the two numbers is the value which represents your perfect cup size. You can also look at the sizing chart, which is mentioned on the aforementioned brand’s website. You must check your band size from that chart carefully; one mistake can give you an inaccurate result and may destroy your look. For example, if your bust measurement is 36 and your band size is 34, then the difference will be two. You can check the cup size in the chart given in numbers. Two is equal to cup size B, which means your bra size is 34B.



The band is the main component of your bra as it gives 75 percent support to your breasts. You must make sure that the band sits snuggle against your back on the hook, the suitable one. There must be a space of only one finger to slide underneath, and the band must not feel too tight or too loose. Never use the loosest or the very tightest hook; select the one that is the most appropriate one according to your body. You must be careful while determining a perfect size bra by keeping in mind that the cups should cover your breasts completely. They may not overflow out of the cups and there may not be any cup gaps. Inaccurate bra size may also give a bad image to your overall look and ruin your outfit. The wrong selection with a loose band will make you uncomfortable.


Always look for adjustable straps so you can tighten them as the elastic loosens. You can adjust it whenever you feel you have gained weight. Make sure that your bra straps lay comfortably on your shoulders without any digging. Painful marks, reddish color, and imprint of the straps are the results of tight and inaccurate bras.



Every girl wants to look pretty, beautiful and gorgeous, and this can only happen if you dress beautifully. Not only your outfit, but your inner-wear should also be in perfect shape and size to give you a comprehensive pretty look from tip to toe. If the size of your bra is wrong or the cups are not according to your breasts’ size, then it will give you a weird look and steal your glam. So, while shopping for bras, make sure you know your measurement, bust, and the cup size to avoid any inconvenience.

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