5 Ways to Be a Great Host during the Holiday Season

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It’s the holiday season, which means numerous parties. Some might be bad, others might be great, but there is certainly that one that you have to host. And worry not, as hosting a party, especially during the holiday season, can definitely be an interesting endeavor. However, as interesting and fun it is, organizing and hosting a party can sometimes be quite a nuisance, especially if you don’t know what things you have to bear in mind. So, if you’ve always wanted to be a great host, even better than Great Gatsby, then these are the five most important things that you need to know:

Punctuality is the key

A good host has everything planned to the last detail. Even though having a party timetable that you will follow to the letter is practically impossible, it’s always good to know when to do a certain activity, or more importantly, when to take the food out. The latter is, for example, very important, as sitting down to eat when you’re beyond hungry will only result in everyone eating too quickly. This is, first of all, not healthy at all, and secondly, it can tremendously change the overall party mood. Also, make sure to know what playlist you will be playing at which time – this is something that you can plan according to your own taste, though.

Know your drinks

Just like a wizard knows his spells, a good host should know everything about the drinking habits of his guests. Making sure everyone has their favorite drink is your main weapon. This can sometimes be difficult to manage at corporate parties, and since they are common in Australia, New Zealand and pretty much everywhere around the world, you might have a bit of a problem finding the best alcohol for such a party. In order to save time and get exactly what you need you can make a small survey in the office and then order the drinks while still in the office. There are many companies that provide office alcohol delivery in Sydney and other major cities of not only the Down Under, but other world capitals as well, so you should use the perks they offer. This way you will both save time and make sure you didn’t forget anything.

Food for everyone

This is the time of the year when we’re inundated with candy and sweets, so it’s always nice to have something green on the dinner table. Having at least one vegan dish will kill two birds with one stone – you will have something healthy and you will also cater to the needs of all the vegans and vegetarians who attend your party. This is what being a good host means – having something for all the attendees. As far as food is concerned you have two options – the first one would be to order great finger food from the best catering company in your area (Blue Rose Cafe And Catering is a great example), or cook something for yourself, which could be a great idea if you love to cook and have your own signature dish.

Go original on the décor

If you’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada, then you know that Miranda Presley doesn’t approve of florals for spring. So, in her own words, you need to have a groundbreaking décor, and bearing in mind that this can either make or break your party, it’s very important to think outside the box. Apart from decorating the Xmas tree, you should consider the colors that you will incorporate in your décor. Having beige, gold and rose gold colors to dominate might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Have a killer playlist

And finally, everyone will pay attention to the music that will be playing, so if you want to be a great host, you need to cater for everyone’s needs. The best way to not go wrong is to play Xmas music during the first half of the night, and then book the other half for the biggest hits of 2018. That way you will pay tribute to this year and play songs that everyone knows. As you can see the only thing that you need in order to be a great host is a bit of determination, some time to think it all over and thinking outside the box. Not difficult, ha?

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