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Connecting rainbow communities
Gay Republic provides a beautiful and intuitive online platform allowing businesses and groups to showcase their brand. It’s a place where they can be discovered and connect with locals and visitors of our rainbow community.
There are over 173,250 LGBT+ consumers in New Zealand alone. This is made up of 1.9% Kiwis identifying as Bisexual, 1.1% as Gay/Lesbain and 0.5 identifed as Trans, Takatāpui, Asexual, and Pansexual, among others.
Figures from the 2013 census show almost 70% of families headed by single sex couples earn more than 70,000 a year; more than 20% earn over $150,000
Overseas studies indicate LGBT users spend 57% more time online than their straight counterparts.
Gay & Lesbian consumers rely heavily upon third part sites like Gay Republic to actively research whether a company or service is LGBT-owned or friendly.
58% of LGBT adults were more likely “to purchase products and services from companies that market directly to gay and lesbians.”

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