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Being Bitchy vs. Being Direct: Here’s the Difference

This world is full of bitches, but there’s a huge difference between someone who’s a bitch and someone who’s being direct. I’ve been guilty of confusing the two quite often, but after much reflection, I have come to realize they’re two completely different breeds.

Bitches love to be on top of the world, but a direct person would rather live in a world with order. Directness isn’t about being the center of attention; they’re problem-solvers, initiators, truth tellers. Bitches are on a whole other planet. Here’s why:


Bitches hurt feelings, but people who are direct aren’t personal.

Being direct is being assertive. It’s not personal nor does it have a hidden agenda or intention to gain power. You lay it all out on the table with nothing personal on the chopping block, rather than using words to entertain yourself. Bitches like watching a firestorm unfold – they love stirring the pot, feeling like the Queen Bee. Direct people have no interest in drama, but they are interested in getting sh*t done correctly. They come at you with facts and resolutions rather than claws and useless information.

Bitches never forget, but direct people are “over it” almost immediately.

Directness is all about a particular instance or situation, and once it is brought up, there’s no real reason to hold onto it – what’s the point? Bitchy people hold grudges. It’s where they get fuel to go on another tirade – built up tension from past track records. Letting it go is a direct person’s philosophy, but saving disappointments for another fight is the Bitch’s game.

Bitches hardly know the destruction they cause, but direct people clean as they go.

A direct person has no real problems because he doesn’t allow himself to. He hardly leaves things unresolved because he’d rather go to bed with a clear conscience than allowing it to eat away at him. Bitches never have enough empathy to know they’ve hurt people. In fact, the love leaving things unresolved because it gives them pleasure knowing others are thinking about him – whether it’s good or bad.

Bitches don’t keep secrets well, but direct people keep it to themselves.

Secrets are material for the bitch. He loves knowing as many secrets as he can because he’ll often spin it into something else later – or use it as blackmail. Direct people usually have a lot of discipline both in practical things and emotional intent. They’re direct in giving you advice, but it also goes without saying that what’s said staysbetween you.

Bitches complain when anything isn’t up to par, but direct people pick their battles.

Direct people often give it a few strikes before fixing the problem – maybe they had a bad day, maybe something was just off. But bitches call it as they see it in a brutally honest way, and in many ways, unnecessary. They leave a trail that makes everyone want to walk on eggshells, but the direct person knows that to gain respect, you need to pick your battles. If fights are a dime a dozen, they’re not going to mean anything when it truly matters.

Bitches are fakes, but direct people are so real it hurts.

The thing about direct people is that all they do is tell the truth. They’re honest and genuine, so much so that you get mad them for seeing through you. But bitches are often fake, never telling you the truth or revealing what they feel because they think it’s better that way. When you turn your back, they’ll talk about you.

Bitch’s love to play games, but direct people tell you to your face.

Bitch’s love to waste time playing games. It’s always mysterious – do they like me? Were they just being bitchy to me? Are they sincere? You never have this question with direct people because they’re upfront about it – if not with words, then with their face. There’s hardly any mystery, which serves them well because why bother wasting time beating around the bush?

Bitch’s like watching people squirm, but direct people are usually the first to apologize.

Direct people are so caught up in a truth of the situation that they fail to see if someone took it personal – while they’ll apologize that they’re hurting, they won’t apologize for saying what they needed to say. “I’m sorry you’re hurt, that wasn’t my intention.” Bitch’s are sadists when it comes to hurting people’s feelings – it gives them self esteem. It’s validation that they won.


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