Best Hobbies to Start This Summer

The previous year might have been fertile ground for taking up new activities and developing skills, since most of us have been stuck at home for insane stretches of time. Maybe you’ve already taken up baking, but started associating it with the lockdown, so now it gets on your nerves, or you’ve tried your hand at writing, but you’ve ditched it a month into the activity. Summer, however, has that tendency to boost your mood and get you in the zone for trying new things!

So, let’s use the summer vibes and the positivity that this year will hopefully bring, so that we can develop our interests and expand our horizons. Here, we’ll suggest a few ideas that can inspire you this summer, and you can add your own in the comment section – the more, the merrier!

Bring out the color palette

Did you know that coloring, painting, and drawing can help you heal old wounds and cope with your anxiety on a daily basis? These artistic activities can be solitary as well as shared with a group. You can practice on your own without any guidance whatsoever, or you can read about art, look for inspiration from past and current artists, or simply use it as a therapy to process your emotions.

You can also take up online classes in art and learn specific skills from educated professionals, or even self-taught masters.

Spruce up your Insta feed

Much like painting can create a safe space for your expressions at home, allowing you to craft your own little oasis, photography gives you the perfect excuse (not that you need one) to get out of your comfort zone. It also pushes you to see the world through, quite literally, a new lens, and it challenges your perception of the world.

What’s more, it’s an opportunity to take a trip and learn from the best, and taking photography courses in Sydney is a brilliant way to travel and learn. It’s yet another chance to take your Instagram photography to the next level, whether it’s just for fun, or even to turn it into a calling some day. When you come back home, you’ll notice old sights in a new light, or appreciate familiar views more than ever.

Hand-made goodies for the skin

Natural cosmetics and handmade goodies have become staples of modern-day skincare for people all over the world. Choosing healthy and natural ingredients is a great way to boost your self-care, but if you can enjoy the process of making these items, why not give it a go, too?

For example, you can find soap-making workshops in NZ to craft your own skincare soap with the finest ingredients, including shea butter, coconut oil, and various essential oils.

Music never gets dull

From that trusty playlist that keeps you going through the most difficult workouts, all the way to your favorite song you share with your partner, music is an integral part of our lives. So, why not learn more about this art form?

You can pick up a new instrument, especially if you already have one or you can borrow one from a family member or a friend. Then again, you can take up singing lessons, or dance classes at DANZA Studios, both of which are great ways to reduce stress, enrich your skills, and have tons of fun!

Try your hand at greenery

If you have a backyard and you have the chance to spend more time outside, this is a great opportunity to start reconnecting with Mother Nature. In case you didn’t know, gardening is a wonderful way to de-stress, improve your living environment, and at the same time contribute to the wellbeing of the planet.

Make sure you have all the right gardening tools before you start, and take your time to acquaint yourself with what different plants need to survive and thrive.


Hobbies can transform into passions, and passions into careers, but even if you keep at it merely out of curiosity, you’ll definitely contribute to your self-esteem and enjoy your time with these fun activities. Adding more skills to your arsenal will help you see yourself in a new light and understand that you’re more than your job, more than any single trait you possess. Use these hobbies to savor life more than ever, and fill your time with meaningful, soothing, and exhilarating activities every day.

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