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Designing a Perfect Home as a Newlywed Gay Couple

No matter if you’re already saving money for your house or just dreaming about what it would be like to design a home of your own, this process is definitely not easy. Creating a vision for your beautiful house and especially executing it requires a lot of planning, budgeting, compromise and patience. As a newlywed couple, you probably have all the elements listed above, so this might be the perfect time to start designing your dream house. Here are a few tips that might help you on your way to designing a perfect gay haven for your little family:

Blend your styles

The two of you probably have strong tastes that you’re not willing to give up, and that’s very healthy. Besides making compromises on small things, you don’t have to sacrifice too much of your wishes. Today, mixing and matching different interior design styles is very popular, so you can take yours and smash them together in a unique, tasteful and chic way. As long as you have a unifying color or pattern and a few neutral elements to provide a nice backdrop to your more unique items, you’ll be more than fine. Each of you can pick out one focal item that will proudly show off who you are. And just like that—the argument is prevented!

Consider the color palette

When it comes to colors, you can really let your hair down and create a unique color palette that will tell the story of your relationship and your individual characters. Today, there are many popular wall color trends, but you don’t have to listen to them. After all, you’ve been defying norms and trends with your queerness for years, why start conforming now? But, if you really want to be up-to-trend, choosing to go with the Color of the Year for at least a statement wall is a great idea. Later, you can build on top of your color palette, change details and adjust the aesthetic of your home to trends.

Be creative with storage

When designing your home, consider all those shoes, books and plants you guys have—they need to have a place to live and show off their beauty. Therefore, spend a significant time of your planning process on creating various storage solutions. And really go all-in, because you can never have too much storage. Start with closed storage like closets, cabinets and drawers because these allow you to minimize clutter. And some places like Sliderobes in Sydney even offer custom storage solutions so you know they will fit your home, lifestyle and aesthetic. Also, don’t neglect open storage like shelves—these can add a wonderful touch of flair to your home and give you an opportunity to display your precious things.

Take lighting seriously

Lighting is a very important element of every home, yet often criminally neglected. Sure, general overhead lighting is a must, but feel free to layer lighting so you can achieve a suitable atmosphere for any activity. Having friends over to enjoy a nice dinner? Provide your kitchen and dining room with hanging pendants. Celebrating a birthday? Add subtle lighting in corners and consider putting up a neon sign for a touch of drama and color (make this element as gay as you want). Need to catch up with your work? Task lighting on tables will provide you with all the lighting for the best focus. And don’t forget to boost natural light as much as you can—nothing can replace sunshine and the comfort it brings.

Add a touch of queerness to your space

Just because you’re a gay couple, it doesn’t mean you have to have a rainbow flat on every wall, but exhibiting a few queer details in your space is a great way to show that you’re proud of your lifestyle. You can take an obvious path with some rainbow or MLM/WLW art, but you can also go very subtle and minimalist with rainbow-colored planters, quotes from gay icons, etc.

For many queer couples, their home is their first truly safe space, so make sure to make it unique, comfortable and true to your lifestyle.

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