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How to Dress for Your Tinder Date Like a Pro

Let’s call a spade a spade, most people meet through dating apps nowadays, and Tinder is still one of the most popular apps, in spite the sea of all others. Now, we also know that it’s commonly known as a ‘hookup’ app, but it doesn’t always have to be. Sometimes you can meet someone great, extraordinary even, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a go. Sure, you could end up at a bar or a restaurant only to find out you’ve been catfished or that your date placed photos on their profile that shed ten years and twenty pounds off them, but hey, that’s the risk you have to take. It will take a lot of frogs before you actually get to kiss you Tinder prince. Kidding aside, we’re all in this thing called the dating pool together, so we might as well try to have some fun and perhaps meet someone amazing. Now, whether your date turns out to be a disaster or not is irrelevant – you still want to look like a million bucks, if only to dazzle everyone around you, including your date. Who knows, if you play your cards right in the style department, you might even get a dessert and book a second date, so let’s get all ‘dapper’ and ready to knock their socks off.

Don’t try too hard

You want to look great, we all do, but you don’t want to look like you’ve been trying on outfits and working on your hair for hours – simply put, you don’t want to ooze desperation. Tinder dates are supposed to be casual, so even when you’re going for stunning, go for low-key stunning. For instance, if you’re doing something super casual, you can wear a great shirt that emphasizes your good sides – like your arms, for instance. Top that off with a pair of those perfect jeans that always do your butt justice. And in the spirit of being cool and breezy, go with comfortable footwear – something along the lines of the amazing, supportive and sleek New Balance sneakers. You’ll give off this cool nonchalant vibe, even though you know you’re wearing your most flattering casual outfit. This will show your date you’re easy-going, and that’s always a desirable quality.

Something with more flair to it

Perhaps this is a person you’ve been talking to for a while now, so when the time comes for you to actually meet, it’s kind of expected that after all that talking, and even maybe sharing of feelings (oh, Tinder love), you actually want to make a bit more of an effort and make sure you knock them off your feet. In that case, go with a sexy and sophisticated pair of checkered wool trousers. Green is flattering on most men, so just mind the fit – you really want them to fit incredibly well so all your (ass)ets get a chance to shine. Complete the look with a simple white button-down. Roll up the sleeves for that breezy sexy vibe and leave two buttons undone. Make sure your hair is perfect and wear just the right amount of perfume – yes, we’re going in for the kill. Now, tennis shoes are fine, but if you want to step it up, go with something like suede loafers in camel hue. Huh, it’s hot just imagining this outfit.

Cooler than cool

This outfit works for every occasion – whether you’re having a lunch-date, doing something casual like having a cup of coffee or even a dinner at a restaurant, the coolness of this outfit can’t be beaten. Let’s kick things off with an iconic Breton top, just so it’s clear you know your French Riviera vibes and you know stripes are both chic and incredibly sexy on a man. As for the question of how tight it will be, it is totally a judgement call – you know best what you want to show off.  Then, go for a pair of cool guy chinos that will balance the chicness of the top and show that you can mix and match like a pro. Now, depending on the formality of the occasion, you can go with a sleek blazer, but that might be too much for a first date, so a dark denim or bomber jacket (always sexy on a guy) is the perfect choice, and just throw in a pair of, let’s say Axel Arigato Cap-Toe Sneaker. When your date sees you, they will say a two-syllable ‘daamn’ in their head, and if they’re confident enough, maybe even out loud.

The trendy breezy guy

Hawaiian shirts are totally making a comeback, and they do have a certain something to them, a vibrancy of sorts, and if you wear them with confidence – and a pair of neutral beige or camel shorts, you might just get a winning combo. This is definitely not an evening outfit, so keep this one on the back burner in case your date suggests a casual daytime hangout. Oh, and just because you’re wearing the trendy shirt, doesn’t mean you’re even allowed to think about putting on some ‘beachy’ jewelry. No, just, no.

Good like Tinder daters, we hope you knock your date’s you know what off.


Thanks to Peter Minkoff for guest-writing this blog post. Check out his previous post here.

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