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How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Loved Every Day

First off, there is something we can all agree on – finding love is not easy. Even though we have all these social media platforms and apps, now more than ever before people are struggling in the romance department. Perhaps we’ve become spoilt by the abundance of choice, but the truth of the matter is, establishing a genuine connection with someone and finding that real spark isn’t easy and it definitely doesn’t happen often. So, once you do find that person, do everything in your power to show them just how precious they are to you. Grand gestures are great indeed, but what makes a relationship solid is day-to-day affection and little things that speak louder than those grand ones. Read on, take note and be the best boyfriend a guy could ever wish for.

How was your day?

This may seem trivial, but this question is actually the equivalent of ‘I love you’. Expressing genuine interest in what your guy does shows that you are loving, supportive and respectful of what he does. Beyond that, it sends a strong message that you truly care whether he had a great or a lousy day and you’ll be there to celebrate his victories and comfort him when things aren’t going well. Just asking this shows him that you are in it for the long haul – that you’re a keeper.

Boys just wanna have fun 

Although cuddling on the couch watching good (or bad TV) is great and a sign of intimacy and true closeness, even the most solid relationships need a bit of spicing up. So, every so often hit the clubs, dance it out and have some good ol’ gay fun. If he loves watching drag shows and Ru Paul’s Drag Race is his guilty pleasure, take him to see a live drag show like the Kita and Anita’s Drag Wars. You’ll both have a hilariously good time and he’ll appreciate you organizing a fun night out.

Pamper, seduce, and then pamper some more

Every so often, go the extra mile for your man and redefine the notion of romance. First, get all buff and handsome for him, and surprise him with an amazing romantic dinner at his favorite restaurant. Anything he wants – if modern Asian cuisine is what he likes, make reservations at The Lantern Alley. The point is, make this ‘his night’ and shower him with love and compliments. Back home, have a surprise waiting for him. I love the home massage in Melbourne because you get an amazing and relaxing massage in the privacy of your own home, which makes it all the more special and romantic. Besides, chances are, after you’re done being generous, he might treat you to some extraordinary and out of this world ‘dessert’.

Get moving 

With both of you at your respective jobs for most of the workday, weekends should be designated for quality time together. You can get a hobby together, take golfing lessons, learn to surf, whatever tickles your fancy. The reason it’s important to have a ‘thing’ you do together is because these activities bring you closer. Having your own hobbies and even a number of friends who are just yours is equally essential, as time apart is as important as time together, but having a shared interest gives you more to talk about and get excited about the same thing. You just need to find that common something and spend quality time with the man you love.

Always talk about it

After you’ve been in a relationship for some time, you’ll begin to feel free to talk about your sexual preferences and share fantasies. Great sex is one of the pillars of a solid and healthy relationship, and you should never be afraid to express your desires. That will get him to open up as well and share certain desires and fantasies of his own. The result – an immense improvement of your sex life. Even if you thought you’ve had it great until now, just wait and see the realms of pleasure you’ll experience once you open up and open yourself up for new ideas.

Don’t window-shop

Once you know he’s the guy, don’t act like you’re still keeping your options open. This means, no flirting or talking to other guys on dating apps. Actually, delete all the dating apps. That will be a sure signal to your boyfriend that he’s a keeper in your eyes and that you’re not still out there wondering what else is on the menu. You’ve got the caviar, don’t lose it over a flirt with a burger.


Thanks to Peter Minkoff for guest-writing this blog post. Check out his previous post here.

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