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How to Plan a Perfect Gay Honeymoon in Australia

Finding the perfect destination for a honeymoon is quite challenging, especially if you’re gay. Why? First of all, you want to choose an exotic destination that either not many people visit or a destination that you haven’t visited thus far, nor will you do in the future. So yes, it needs to be a distant destination that’s very unique and special. Moreover, it’s also important to find a destination that’s LGBTQ-friendly, especially because this is your honeymoon, not yet another trip where you could act as friends. This being said, Australia could serve as an amazing gay honeymoon destination. Why? Where? How? Well, take a look at the most important questions and you will probably be booking your ticket as soon as you finish reading this.


Australia is a country that has so many different things to offer. Not only will you be able to swim and surf on some of the most beautiful beaches, but you will also be able to explore the Australian bush if you want to, visit some Victorian coastal towns that will shift you back in time, enjoy the Great Barrier Reef or take a road trip on the Great Ocean Road. All of these things are good enough reasons to visit Australia – you can see so many different scenes in just one country. Another great thing is that Australia is very LGBTQ friendly, so you will have no problem showing your affection for your new husband.


There are many ways in which you can explore Australia. First of all, you can find some amazing airlines that fly to the Land Down Under – some are cheap, others are not, but you have plenty of options, which is a great thing. If you really want to have an amazing experience, you can also opt for private airport transfers to Sydney and feel like true kings. Once there, you can either choose to go to your destination with a bus or taxi, or you can rent a car and do a road trip throughout the continent. This option is perhaps the most authentic one, as you don’t depend on anyone and you get to do and visit whatever you want to.


Now let’s get to the most difficult part – where to actually stay in Australia and where to spend your honeymoon? There are plenty of options here, so unless you have a month to spare, it would be great to make a plan.

  • Sydney – Sydney could be your first choice, and you can start your honeymoon here. The most romantic thing would be to book a hotel room in one of the many hotels overlooking the ocean and the Sydney Opera House. You will also have the possibility of having a very romantic lunch or dinner in a waterfront restaurant. It’s definitely worth it.
  • Kangaroo Island – Kangaroo Island is always a very cozy escape, regardless of the season you get married. There is amazing natural beauty, but also amazing places where you can stay and have a very authentic experience.
  • Towns in Victoria – Another great idea would be to visit some of the small yet very beautiful and special towns of Victoria. You can either choose one to stay at for a couple of days, explore them by day or simply stay one night at each. It’s a great idea for all who wish for something cozier and quieter.


Asking what to do in Australia for your honeymoon is quite a difficult question to answer, as there are so many different things you could indulge in. Diving at the Great Barrier Reef before it, unfortunately, completely disappears is one option. It is an option that you shouldn’t miss, by the way, because it really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, if you want to pay homage to the gay culture, you might want to opt for a Priscilla-like road trip. This was one of the most popular gay movies of the last century (released in 1994), and not only is it extremely fun and interesting to watch, but it can actually make you visit some amazing parts of Australia. If you want a gay road trip of a different nature, there are plenty of options for that as well. Australia is indeed a great place for a honeymoon. You can opt for Cuba and spend your days chilling in the sun doing nothing else. You can choose Ibiza and party all night. But if you choose Australia, you get the best of both worlds – amazing natural landscapes and very rich nightlife.

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