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How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

The greatest motto any human being can have is: “SO WHAT!”

Human beings know how to be afraid. We taught ourselves to always be on the lookout for danger—thousands of years running from beasts in our hunter/gatherer days will do that to you.

Fear is an evolutionary present from years passed. Some of us have managed to talk ourselves out of it, but sadly most of us choose to sit in it every single day. I don’t blame them.

I don’t blame them because fear is comfortable. We’re used to it by now that it’s become a default emotion without permission. It’s home. We live in it and, ironically, feel safe inside because at the end of the day fear masks itself as an excuse: “I can’t do that because blah-blah…” “This is a waste of time because blah-blah…” “I don’t want to do it, what if he blah-blah…”

The excuses pile up and before you know it, you sabotage all your chances.

Doubt is a fanciful notion fueled by fear. We made it all up, and the only way we can get over it is by truly accepting the fact that “doubt” is NOT real. It’s a voice, a character, we’ve made up in our heads to support an idea that we are unworthy so we won’t feel like we’re crazy. We need backup, so we cast “doubt” to be the antagonist of our lives.

But instead of using doubt as backup to prove our unworthiness right, why not dig deeper to find an emotion to prove our unworthiness wrong?

We open ourselves up to sabotage every single day. I can’t wake up in the morning without bringing some form of negativity to an otherwise wholesome day. It’s a habit, but like all habits it can be reversed and replaced with a healthier one.

The way our minds work makes sense. We’re always going back to the memories we hold on to most—that time we completely embarrassed ourselves, the night we put our foot in our mouth, that time we did something we totally regret. So naturally when we’re in a situation that’s somewhat similar to this memory, we seem to assume it will have the same result.

We are exactly what we hold onto. Trust me, the greatest motto any human being can ever have is: “SO WHAT!”

We sabotage ourselves because we’re forcing our present to repeat the mistakes of our past.

But no more. Today is the day we’re going to rise up from the ashes and march forward in spite of fear, regardless of our past and without our evil friend “doubt.”

The only person keeping us from achieving what we want in life is our self. Whatever situation life has given us should NEVER be an excuse (that’s fear talking). There’s always a way to grow and it first comes from letting go of bad memories that weigh you down and instead try building a new portfolio full of great ones.

Stop trying to prove yourself wrong all the time. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re fabulous—then dig into a well of experiences to prove this fact RIGHT. Everything we are comes out of that well, so you better fill it with positive vibes otherwise you’ll be digging for crabs instead of apples.

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