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Interior Design for Gay Couples – 5 Essentials for an Authentic Home

The stereotype that gay people always have a refined taste for interior design and style still prevails, but you know that you have days when you’re all about enjoying a good cup of coffee in your bay window, while on other days, you just want Christmas back. Add another person into the mix, and it can get really tricky to find a complementary look for your home, or to mix and match your preferences in such a way that it looks and feels yours.

The occasional tiff might bring out your inner design diva, or it might help you remove some of the things you don’t really need anymore. Depending on the type of space you have, you’ll find that not all styles will work well with your new home. Despite all that, it’s a beautiful project, designing the interior of your home as a gay couple, and we’ll go over some of the core essentials you’ll need.

Personalize your space

You’ll spend so much time choosing furniture that you might forget to devote some planning to the things that truly matter – your souvenirs from the places you’ve visited together, the photos from your wedding or your birthdays, some of those silly knickknacks that bring a smile to your face when you think of the memories behind them.

Of course, there’s no need to overstuff your home with these items, but you’d be surprised how effective one or two carefully framed photos instead of random artwork can bring your space to life. It also sets the stage for creating your life together surrounded by things and memories that have brought you there in the first place.

Think of the purpose

Every room has its purpose, which is why you should always do your best to stick to simple, functional items when you’re making those bigger investments. Ask yourself “do I need this?” when you’re about to spend your entire budget on something that has no use.

So, now that you’re planning to set up a home for two, and not just for yourself, think of purposeful, multifunctional spaces and design solutions that will benefit both of you. Building a seamless storage space under your bed, for example, can help declutter your bedroom and make it feel more capacious. An additional work desk can allow you to work comfortably in the same room, while a wide island in the kitchen can make it possible for you to cook together!

Focus on accessories

When you have all the main furniture you need, and you still feel that your rooms could use a touch of personality, it’s time to pick out accessories that will add some zest and flair to your life. Of course, this is also a good moment to think of purpose as well as beauty, so you can keep an eye on trends from places like New Zealand, where home décor is largely focused on combining form and function even in accessories like rugs, curtains, and throw pillows.

Gay couples look for multifunctional as well as stylish rugs in NZ in order to be able to play with their interior design and repurpose the rugs whenever they please. Some of them are made to be used inside as well as outside, and if you have a pet, some are made to be superbly durable and still comfortable for your feet. Add a few throw pillows and curtains of different thickness and textures for different seasons, and you’ll have a wide array of options to change up your space throughout the year.

Play with two-toned rooms

Having trouble landing on a single color scheme for your home? This is where beautiful, dual tones can step in and save the day. You want blue and your spouse wants orange – did you know that these two colors work wonderfully together? Other combinations can also help you create that two-toned atmosphere while combining colors that will keep your interior warm as well as characterful.

For a sense of the Mediterranean, you can go for pure white and navy blue, a combination that is great for all seasons, and leaves plenty of room for adding splashes of color with furniture and accessories. A blend of two pastels can also work nicely, while charcoal and white give your home a dose of modern elegance.

Mind the lights

Finally, out of all the tech gadgets you choose, take a moment to consider the right kind of lights for each room. Some elongated, ornamental lamps can provide perfect mood lighting for your reading nook in the living room, while the ability to dim the lights and add different bulbs to change the level of warmth can also transform your space.


Even the smallest apartments can feel welcome and warm when you are mindful of these ideas as your basics for designing your new home. As a gay couple, you’ll find that time will help you refine the space you’ve just created, but these essentials will give you a purposeful foundation for all the upgrades and additions you come up with in time.

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