The New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective is run by sex workers, for sex workers, and advocates for the rights, health, and well being of all sex workers. We are committed to working for the empowerment of sex workers, so that sex workers can have control over all aspects of their work and lives. Our services focus on workers rights, HIV and STI prevention, and education. We also provide safer sex supplies to sex workers, and offer free sexual health clinics at our community bases. NZPC has long been at the forefront of reforming the law for sex workers. We helped draft the Prostitution Reform Act which decriminalised sex work in New Zealand, and built support for it as it passed into law. NZPC provides expert advice to those with an interest in law and policy surrounding sex work in New Zealand. We are also a crucial point of liaison between government and non-government civil society, and the sex industry.

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3/2 Canada Street, Auckland, New Zealand

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