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PrEPing NZ is a community of like-minded individuals across Aotearoa. This is a platform for conversations and information sharing about a game changing HIV prevention strategy in New Zealand known as PrEP. PrEP (or "Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis") is intended for anybody who is currently HIV negative and wishes to protect themselves from contracting HIV. As part of a program supervised by your GP PrEP is taken as a one-a-day pill. When used daily PrEP is highly effective at protecting against HIV. The administrators of this group are volunteers who are passionate about reducing the stigma and discrimination attached to HIV, and believe that PrEP is a powerful tool that will aid in the elimination of HIV transmission in New Zealand. Our volunteers span the country – so if you have any questions about access in your region, we will likely have a local on board who can help you out. All members of PrEPing NZ have the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts or experiences of PrEP with others around the country. As for how to interact in this group, it's simple: please treat everyone else with the respect that you would want extended to you. For information on deciding if PrEP could be right for you, how to get PrEP, finding a clinician, pricing, buying online, talking about PrEP and many other useful resources, you can visit our friends at

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