Rainbow Pride Auckland has been established to provide an inclusive vehicle to celebrate the New Zealand Rainbow Community.

We stand for an inclusive, positive and peaceful society that is made up of diverse cultural backgrounds. We work hard to understand each community’s needs in order to bring people together. We celebrate what has been achieved and work together constructively and respectfully where more advancement is needed.

We also want to celebrate the diversity in the makeup of our varied communities that characterise who we are and the rich tapestry of individualism, identity, freedom of expression and recently won acceptance.

We are here to lead that celebration, to give voice to the wide variety that makes up who we are and who we are proud to be.

Our purpose is to run a Parade and produce events that become the focal point of Rainbow in New Zealand. The Parade will be a world-class event that draws in focus from around the world to showcase who we are across our broader community.

We will reinstate and improve the direction of the Parade and events for 2020 and beyond. We want to engage with the communities and our allies and encourage community groups, sponsors, corporates, police and government agencies to participate and celebrate!

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Grafton, Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand

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