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Nov 04
8 Definite Signs Your Man is Cheating

Men are cheaters, let’s face it. But the good ones know how to control it. If you’ve made a pact with your man not to be open in the relationship, he ought to respect that for the duration if he wants to keep you. Never should you be okay with anything less. We love our […]

Feb 05
How to Have a Fabulous Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

It is said that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. However, it is not true that couples cannot wait for this day to arrive – for them it’s just an ordinary day during which they have to pay extra attention to their loved ones and break a bank to get them […]

Dec 15
The 6 Phases Of A Gay Man’s Life

Life is an interesting journey. Sometimes we have to work twice as hard to prove our worth, and as gay men we often get faced with challenges that most of the world will never have to know. Growing older in this day and age means dealing with the stigma of ageism as well as our own […]

Oct 24
Being Bitchy vs. Being Direct: Here’s the Difference

This world is full of bitches, but there’s a huge difference between someone who’s a bitch and someone who’s being direct. I’ve been guilty of confusing the two quite often, but after much reflection, I have come to realize they’re two completely different breeds. Bitches love to be on top of the world, but a […]