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Tag: Relationships

Nov 04
8 Definite Signs Your Man is Cheating

Men are cheaters, let’s face it. But the good ones know how to control it. If you’ve made a pact with your man not to be open in the relationship, he ought to respect that for the duration if he wants to keep you. Never should you be okay with anything less. We love our […]

Oct 28
Chronically Single: A Gay Man’s Perspective

My longest relationship was 4 weeks long. Go ahead, say I’m too picky or that I’m too distracted at work or that I’m not emotionally available – everyone else has. It’s opinions like these that convinced me something was wrong; the longer I listened, the more I beat myself up. I felt pressure to find […]

Aug 07
Tips On How To Make A Good Impression

Making a good impression is on everyone’s mind. Whether we care to see it or not, a first impression can stay with us days, weeks, and even months after meeting a person. But stop worrying! The more we get in our heads, the more anxious we’ll be. All it takes to make a positive impression […]