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Stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is a lovely time for all couples, but it can be a bit heterocentric with all the “for her and him” marketing products. However, you don’t have to adopt forced heteronormativity, but celebrate your own, very gay Valentine’s Day with these queer but stylish gifts your partner will definitely love and cherish.

Pronoun beanie

The cold weather is just around the corner in the southern hemisphere so why not surprise your SO with cute protection for their head? A stylish tie-dye beanie with embroidered pronounce will be a perfect addition to their closet and definitely enjoyed throughout winter. It’s a great way to surprise your loved one, acknowledge their gender identity and make them look more stylish, all in one!

Stylish piece of jewelry

If you’re not yet at the stage of buying engagement rings for each other (or if you’re way past that), you can still surprise your loved one with some bling. A gender-neutral jewerly with crystals is a perfect gift for your NB Valentine. And you will get bonus points if they are into crystals and spirituality and you manage to learn a little bit about the meaning of your particular gem.

Warm slippers

If your partner has cold feet and loves to place them against you when you’re chilling and give you a big fright, it’s time to buy them a pair of gorgeous slippers. Don’t hesitate to grab a pair of sheepskin slippers in NZ and provide your loved one with warmth and style. These are very popular today and will stay popular always, so it’s a classic and thoughtful gift everyone will cherish. Warm fuzzy slippers will boost the coziness of your nights and provide your partner with all the comfort in the world—they will definitely feel loved and cared for.

Satin wrap

Everyone looks and feels amazing in silk, so why not provide your partner with this amazing feeling for Valentine’s this year? A black satin robe will make your partner feel sexy and sensual no matter the gender. It’s a perfect garment for intimate foreplay or good old self-care evenings with face masks, popcorn and movies.

Glitter makeup

If your partner is into all things glitter (or just wants to try out that viral Euphoria makeup trend) then getting them a shimmery palette of glitter galore will blow their mind. If you can, it’s best to invest in small makeup manufacturers who are gender-inclusive and use glitter that’s biodegradable. We don’t want more micro-plastic in the ocean!


This is a gift with ulterior motives because you benefit from it as much as your partner. However, it’s a very thoughtful gift that will show your loved one that you find them sexy and want to see more of them. It also will provide the wearer with a lot of confidence, which is a gift that keeps on giving. Today, there are all kinds of lingerie for men, women and all genders and sexes, so you can find something your partner and you would like no matter what kind of gay you are.

Rainbow neon lights

When you’re stylish, it doesn’t only refer to your persona, but your home too. Neon lights are super popular today for room decoration and innovative lighting solutions. If you know your partner likes the trend, hop on it and get them a cute neon rainbow light. This lamp will look equally cute when turned on and off, so it’s both a practical illumination solution and a very gay and beautiful decoration. They can hang their rainbow neon light on the wall or use it as a desk lamp/decoration.

These Valentine’s Day gifts will be a complete hit with your loved one. Your partner will see that you care for them, the community and the planet, and realize you’re a keeper!

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