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Tips For Becoming a Fit Gay Couple

If you managed to find your better half, it probably means you two are so in love that no physical flaw can get you away from each other. However, just because you’re perfect in your partner’s eyes, it doesn’t mean you can neglect your fitness. Being fit goes so much further than just looking hot—it affects your health, your mental stability and your productivity at work. So how can you get fit as a couple and boost your life and relationship satisfaction even more?

Start with diet

Getting fit starts in the kitchen, so make sure to come up with a good diet plan both of you can follow. You’ve probably tried various diets alone, but if you want this one to work, you need to be committed and have support, so this is the perfect opportunity to be each other’s cheerleaders. When it comes to dieting, be realistic and don’t resort to any crash diets. It’s much better to think long-term and try to alter certain bad habits and turn them into good ones.

Sign up for a fitness class together

If you want to see the best results, it’s important that you and your partner start working out. The combination of a good diet and physical activity is the winner. Plus, when hitting the gym together, you can make your relationships stronger and get plenty of exercise tips (and keep an eye on one another in a space full of hot boys). If you’re not into pumping iron, you can sign up for a fitness class and have a sweaty blast. Hot yoga, spinning, dancing and even self-defense are very useful for burning calories. And even if you have different interests, you can still find a class you both like due to all the different classes that exist today.

Equip your home

Many LGBTQ people are not fans of the gym (they can be quite hostile) but you and your partner can still get your sweat on at home. For instance, if you just find handy kettlebells for sale and combine them with two mats, you can perform a bunch of different strength and endurance exercises. Besides your kettlebells, you can also grab jump ropes, resistance bands and a few dumbbells. As you can see, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a full-on home gym—a few accessories is all you need for most exercises and workout programs.

Do outdoor activities together

If your idea of going on a date involves dinner and movies, try to change that and organize active dates in nature. For instance, even if you hate working out, you’ll love renting bikes and going cycling to your local park. Or you can hit your nearest trail and enjoy hiking. All of these outdoor activities will not only allow you to burn a bunch of calories but also allow you to enjoy Mother Nature and be completely dedicated to each other’s company.

Reduce eating out

We gays love our brunches and our fancy dinners, but these can simply ruin your fitness progress in a second. No one is saying that you have to give up eating out or ordering takeout or pickup, but try to prepare as many meals as you can at home. This goes for iced coffee as well! Starbucks iced coffee with milk and sugar can generously cross the 100-calorie mark. However, if you make a low-cal coffee at home, you can save double the calories.

Have fun and don’t try to keep up

The idea behind getting fit as a gay couple is to bond and have healthy fun, not stress about every exercise and every meal. Your partner might be stronger and fitter, so don’t pay attention or be jealous. Trying to keep up will just get your feelings and your body hurt. Be each other’s support instead of competition.

Everything is easier when you have your love by your side, getting fit included. So this year, make a decision to get fit together and see what kind of results you can achieve when you work as a perfect little gay dream team.

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