Tips for Gay Families to Improve Their Dietary Habits

During the pandemic, we all put on a few pounds. While for most gay couples, that’s not a huge problem, gaining weight can have serious effects on your health. And if you have kids, you know that you and your husband need to set a good example and be healthy for your kid. If you want to remain fit and healthy as a family, here are a few ideas that can help you stay on track:

Plan your meals

When it comes to your family’s diet and exercise plan, planning your meals is crucial if you want to keep everyone happy, healthy and fit. By planning your meals in advance, you can minimize the possibility of opting for something fast and convenient. Once a week, grab your partner (and your kids if you have them) and discuss your meals for the following 7 days. Of course, it’s more than allowed to be flexible a few times a week, but for the most part, try to stick to your meal plan. Then go shopping for necessary things and make sure to stick to your list and don’t go shopping on a hungry stomach.

Keep things out of sight

When you have food in every room, you’re more likely to reach for something to chew on even when you’re not hungry. Make a rule to keep food only in the kitchen and enforce it with all your fierceness. If you want to instill healthy eating habits in your partner or child, you can put a bowl of fruit on the dining table and pitchers of water on the coffee table. And the best thing is to not even allow junk food into your home—it’s hard to cheat on your diet when you don’t have cheat food around.

Shop in bulk

The reason why it’s always better to shop in bulk is that you’ll always have enough food at home to prepare healthy homemade meals (these usually contain fewer calories than restaurant food). If your family eats meat, make sure to check out Alpha Fresh and order high-quality cuts of meat so you can prepare easy and quick evening steaks for a high-protein meal. When you have top-notch products at home every time you’re hungry, you won’t be tempted to order delivery or go out to overeat. Everything that’s healthy, non-perishable or can be kept in the freezer can be purchased in bulk—it’ll save you money, time and calories.

Arm your family with healthy snacks

If you often feel peckish between meals (kids are especially prone to this), you don’t want to reach for chips and chocolate bars. Your entire family deserves better snacks, ones that will keep you energized and satisfied until your next meal. Nuts and seeds are a great option as long as you keep an eye on the servings, and of course, you can always grab a piece of fruit or chop up some veggies to munch on.

Be smart during brunch

Brunch is a quintessential gay tradition, and for all the fun reasons—it’s entertaining, it’s elegant and it’s full of good food. However, make sure to watch what you eat and drink during brunch. The buffet style of eating can be quite deceiving because you might struggle with controlling the portions, but the real danger is the alcohol. Mimosas or Bloody Maries are a must-have during brunch, and they are often bottomless, so be careful how much you consume. First of all, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in the middle of the day, and second of all, alcohol is a strong appetite stimulant that might push you to grab another serving.

Use these tips all year round, not just before your gay family summer vacation, and you’ll be able to add one more item to your list of things you can be proud of.

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