Unconventional Places to Meet Single Gay Guys

To anyone who is single, the idea of getting out there to change your love life’s status quo can be terrifying at first. You’ve tried the apps and they somehow seem to disappoint. Or, at least you get easily fatigued by swiping. But, what if there’s a way for you to take control of your dating life if you start thinking differently and open yourself up to new opportunities? It’s all about having the right mindset and seeing opportunities in places you’ve never even considered as a single gay guy.

Explore different events around your town

To increase your chances of meeting single gay guys, you need to step out of your comfort zone. In other words, put on that favourite outfit that makes you feel like you’ve just done a GQ magazine photoshoot and get out there. Visit local events around your town and get to know the crowd. After a while, you’ll get to recognise some familiar faces and that can be a great conversation starter. Just put yourself out there, visit popular events and let yourself be seen and recognised.

Go to an LGBTQ-friendly comedy show

If your idea of fun is laughing at a comedy show while you get to scan the crowd for cuties who share your sense of humour, go to a comedy show. Stand up comedy became quite popular and there’s at least one show over the weekend. Seeing a gay comedian’s performance can be a great opportunity for you to expand your social circle, laugh a lot and meet someone new.

Join a community

When you’re surrounded by people, you increase your chances of meeting new people. You’ll expand your social circle at first and after a while, one thing can lead to another. You can meet a new friend, whose brother is gay and single. You could get a chance to meet new people through people you’ve recently met and that’s definitely worth the effort. Find a community you can join, whether it’s something charitable or just for fun.

Sign up for professional help

If you’re serious about turning your single gay guy life into a happily partnered up life, think about outsourcing your efforts. There is nothing wrong with wanting to find a long-term relationship and finding a matchmaker to help. Quite the contrary, signing up for gay matchmaking services means that you’re ready to find a person that shares the same values and goals and that you’re serious about that. The matchmaker will get to know you on a deep and personal level and find suitable matches who are as close to your profile as possible.

Go to a class

Once again, it’s all about the community and being surrounded by people to increase your chances of meeting single gay guys. You can join a photography class, hone your photography skills, express your creativity and meet single gay guys. From fitness classes to hiking, cooking and painting, there’s a class for every type of interest. Just pick something that you’re genuinely interested in so that the one you meet will share your genuine interest. Having this one thing in common will be a great conversation starter.

Join a co-working space

It might be time to take a pause from your working-from-home routine and start working from a co-working space. This is where you’ll get a chance to network, and expand your professional circle while also opening up to new possibilities.  When there’s a large community of people with similar professional interests, there’s also a chance of people falling in love. You probably know at least one gay couple who met through work, or at least through a mutual acquaintance who’s one person’s colleague. So, learn about the best co-working spaces in your neighbourhood and join one.


After reading all of our suggestions, all you have to do is carve out time in your schedule to get out there and socialise with people. You never know what can happen once you decide to expose yourself to new opportunities, so it’s definitely worth your effort.

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