5 Home Décor Tips for Newlywed Gays

So, you tied the knot! Congrats on that, but now comes the difficult part – living with your husband hoping he will actually clean after himself, wipe everything he spills and not leave his socks in the center of the bedroom. If you’re moving to a new house together, the first thing that you need to think about is decorating your home –décor has always been important to gays, thank GGGM (Gay God George Michael). No, but seriously, if you happen to be moving into a new home with your new husband or you want to do some remodeling to mark your new life together, these are the most important things that you should have in mind. Note down that people have high expectations from your gayness so make sure not to let them down!

Techie Techie > Taki Taki

“Taki Taki” might be a very important hit at this very moment (overrated or not?), but the technology that you incorporate in your new home is much more important. After all, even though it’s an unpopular opinion, gay men love technology. Having the latest gadgets and pieces of technology installed in your home will only make it much more stylish and fashionable. Having a smart home really does cost a bit more, but it’s really worth it. Get an enormous TV and an enviable sound system so that you can invite all of your friends and watch the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. You can also opt for the possibility to lock and unlock your door or regulate the temperature from your iPhone – it’s a great perk.

Go minimal with a pop of color

Less is more – this is what they say in the fashion industry, and it’s definitely true when home décor is concerned as well. So the first thing that you need to do is pay attention to your furniture – keep it minimalistic and simple, and also pay attention to the color palette that you’re going with. This is the best way to achieve a very chic yet cozy look for your home. An elegant and simple coffee table combined with an elegant couch and colorful cushions is definitely a good way to go. Once you establish the minimalistic look you can accessorize it as you want.

Mind the smell

In order to make your home more comfortable both for you and your husband, but also for all the people who will be visiting, it’s very important to pay attention to the scent your home has. The best way to kill two birds with one stone and ensure nice scent but also accessorize your coffee table in the best possible way is to have several candle jars in your living room – these always look very classy, elegant and minimalistic. If you get the best of the best, it can also provide your home with nice scents; your only job is to choose the scent that both of you enjoy.

Have a green thumb

Let’s be honest here – a home without plants is hardly a home at all. Each house, especially if two gay people live there, needs to have several plants that add a bit of a jungle effect that is very popular nowadays. Green also soothes the eyes a lot, so it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but it can be healthy as well. You can choose from some of the most photogenic plants that also happen to be very minimalistic, such as the very popular Monstera plant. Also, if you have a garden, make sure to use it in the best possible way. Make a small paradise in your home with an interesting DIY project or furnish it with some of the most beautiful garden furniture. Lady Gaga barbecue party, anyone?

Decorate for each holiday

Finally, be the type of people who actually understand the importance and the beauty of holiday decorating. There are gay people who decorate for basically every holiday (yes, we stan!), so live up to these expectations by decorating nicely for Christmas, Easter and Halloween. It really feels amazing when you enter a house that’s nicely decorated for the upcoming holiday.

Decorating and furnishing your new home is always very interesting, albeit quite expensive. But if you are planning to remodel your house or are buying a new one and have no idea how to decorate it, hopefully, these tips will help you out.

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