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Connecting rainbow communities

Gay Republic provides a beautiful and intuitive online platform allowing businesses and groups to showcase their brand. It’s a place where they can be discovered and connect with locals and visitors of our rainbow community.

Rainbow Community Facts

There are over 173,250 LGBT+ consumers in New Zealand alone. This is made up of 1.9% Kiwis identifying as Bisexual, 1.1% as Gay/Lesbain and 0.5 identifed as Takatāpui, Asexual, and Pansexual, among others.

Figures from the 2013 census show almost 70% of families headed by single sex couples earn more than 70,000 a year; more than 20% earn over $150,000

Overseas studies indicate LGBT users spend 57% more time online than their straight counterparts.

Gay & Lesbian consumers rely heavily upon third part sites like Gay Republic to actively research whether a company or service is LGBT-owned or friendly.

58% of LGBT adults were more likely “to purchase products and services from companies that market directly to gay and lesbians.”

The LGBT+ community trust our brand and those businesses who partner with us

Benefits of Premium Listings

Helping people find great LGBT+ community groups, businesses and more.

Reach everyone from day one and don’t worry about building a following. You’ll get a network of potential customers and supporters nearby as soon as you go premium

Get introduced to the community. We’ll share your listing via our social media and newsletter databases. This will highlight you as an LGBT+ safe space and community contributor while kick starting your connection to our network

Save time by displaying your Facebook posts automatically. We’ll bring your latest posts and display them live on your Gay Republic listing page, saving you time and the hassle of updating muiltable pages

Premium listings come first when people search for community businesses, groups and events. You’ll stand out more, featuring on our homepage, displaying first in searches and the ability to showcase more of what you do, using video and image galleries 

Support the cause. For every new premium listing we’ll also make a $5 donation to the charity of your choice. OutLine, RainbowYouth, Rainbow Charitable Trust and Rainbow Pride Auckland

Frequently Asked Questions

Gay Republic helps you to directly reach and display support for the LGBT+ community.  By connecting with the community you’ll be top-of-mind when they need your services.

Hardly any at all. Once you’ve set-up your listing, our community will be able to easily identify your status as LGBT+ safe service, visit your website and contact you directly.

Listings have a “Call to Action” section, making it easy for the public to get in contact with you and visit your website.

Premium listings get phone support and we’ll regularly send you advice on how to get the most out of Gay Republic. You’ll also be part of our ongoing promotions.

Firstly, thanks for supporting us. To upgrade you simply need to click “Switch Plan” from your My Listings Dashboard.

Yes, you’ll need one of our free listings, once that’s set up you’ll be able to select a promotional offer from your “My Listings” dashboard.

Still Have Questions?

We hope our answers to some of your frequently asked questions help, but if you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.