5 Perfect Aussie Summer Vacation Destinations For Gay Couples

Are you planning to visit Australia in the summer? Or do you want to escape your Aussie home and explore this beautiful country? No matter why you want to travel this summer, Australia will keep you covered. Most gay couples are simple when it comes to summer vacation—give us beaches and cocktails and we’re happy. But even if you want more from your gay holiday, these five destinations will keep you satisfied:


Sydney is Australia’s largest city, and the gayest one. It might not be exactly what you think of when picturing a summer vacation destination, but it really has a lot to offer to gay couples. In the summer, you can enjoy the great outdoors and explore the Sydney harbor, see the Opera House and photograph some street art. There are also many different parades and events happening to keep you entertained and busy. The entire city is gay friendly, but most couples are situated around Oxford Street (Darlington and Paddington) where every fifth couples is of the LGBTQ+ orientation. And who can forget about gorgeous Bondi Beach?

Palm Cove

Australia’s Sunshine State of Queensland is speckled with cute coastal cities and villages, all of which are suitable for a quick vacation. However, if you’re looking to treat your partner with something exclusive, go for Palm Cove. Just outside of Cairns, you can find this paradise lined with palms and surrounded by crystal-clear waters. It seems like winter never arrives here, especially when you look at all the tanned bodies at the beach. In Palm Cove, you can spend your days basking at the beach with your partner before you share some seductive seafood in the evening. For some gay-friendly nights out, simply head to the nearby Cairns where you can find plenty of clubs and bars. And if you visit in October, you’ll get to be a part of Cairns Tropical Pride.

Jervis Bay

During the summer, many Sydneysiders choose to escape to Jervis Bay, mainly due to its 20 kilometers of beaches and shoreline. This vacation spot is perfect for all active gay couples who want to relax and unwind but also have an adventurous vacation. Jervis Bay is home to thousands of species of underwater animals you can hang out with while diving, snorkeling, kayaking or paddling. If you book your Jervis Bay accommodation in advance, expect great locations and even better prices, no matter how long you’re planning to stay. With your apartment as your base, you can spend your days at the beach, enjoy tasty seafood meals in nearby restaurants and go out in the evening for some true Aussie partying. Jervis Bay really has it all a gay couple might want on their vacation.

Byron Bay

When talking about a summer holiday in Australia, we can’t overlook famous Byron Bay. It might not be a specifically LGBTQ destination, but the spot is very open and tolerant so everyone can enjoy their beach vacation, gay couples included. When you get bored with the beach and water activities, you can head down to Lismore and take part in various gay-related activities and events hosted by Tropical Fruits.


The last state to decriminalize gay sex, Tasmania has long forgotten its homophobic past. After making great progress in terms of LGBTQ+ rights and becoming very welcoming of the community, Tasmania and its capital, Hobart, are a perfect summer vacation destination. If you and your man love to relax and unwind in peace and privacy, Hobart will provide you with just what you need. The small city is picturesque and tame, full of amazing food and cute spots for a romantic photoshoot.

Australia is great when it comes to summer vacation, with many perfect spots for you and your partner. Your gaycation will be a huge success, resulting in fun, relaxation, excitement and romance—just what you need from your Aussie summer adventure.

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