5 Workout Ideas for Gay Men Who Hate Working Out

Hating to work out might have been very popular in the last decade, but it’s slowly starting to become a very popular activity, especially among the gays. There are so many buffed gays and those who come to the gym only to work on their butt (which we do not judge BTW!), but what happens with those who are still in the mindset of hating workouts because it was the right thing to do in the 2000s? Well, it’s time things changed, not only because looking the best version of you is simply mandatory, but also because working out is an extremely healthy activity. If you’re one of those guys, don’t let other gay people steal your thunder only because they have big guns or a killer ass, but rather get those gym clothes and, in the words of the Almighty Britney, work bitch!

A friendly helper

The best piece of advice for all of the guys who hate working out is to find a good personal trainer who will literally make them work out. Trainers who offer personal sessions are always motivating, firstly, because they will do anything they can to motivate you, and secondly, because you know that the results will be successful. Another perk of having a personal trainer is the fact that they’re probably very handsome, so why not have good eye candy next to you while you’re doing those squats?

Fashion motivation

Honey, if you’re a fashionista, then we know exactly the thing that will motivate you to work out. Finding motivation is always the key ingredient, and if you’re into clothes, then buying new T-shirts, new shoes or a new pair of shorts might just be the thing that you need. You will probably want to wear them that very instant and hit the gym because why not show off all the nice things that you now own? No, but seriously, buying new gym clothes has always served as great fitness motivation, so you might want to try it out.

Work from home

If you dislike going to the gym and seeing all those super sweaty bodies (once again – why do you hate working out?), you always have the option of working out at home. The only thing that you need is high-quality fitness equipment that you will be able to use, a couple of video tutorials that will teach you what to do, and of course, will. Remember that working out at home is not as easy as it sounds, as you always find other things that have to be done around the house, and it’s never as comfortable as in the gym, but you can certainly try it out. If you have a spare room, it would be a good idea to convert it into a gym.

Running in nature

So what if you hate going to the gym? That’s definitely not the only option for working out! Another great idea would be to go jogging several times a week, because cardio is very important! There are so many great locations out there that you can use for jogging, and the only things you will need are the most comfortable running shoes that you own and a killer playlist as you cannot run without energizing music blasting in your ears. If you need extra motivation here, you might want to ask a friend to join you and become your running buddy. This costs nothing so the chances of you finding someone are very high.

Spin you ‘round

A spinning class might also be a great option and it has many benefits. This is perhaps the best option for gays who have a lot of body fat to burn – people who attend spin classes burn calories very fast, so it can serve as the first step to transforming your body. It’s not boring, you don’t move a lot per se, but you still work on your body. Once you lose all of those kilos that you don’t like and burn that extra fat, you will be more motivated to continue going to the gym and work on your muscles and your mass.

Yes, you might hate working out and you might be completely lazy about it, but 1) that’s not a good thing and 2) you can always find motivation, you only need to look for it. Remember that any beginning is difficult (just remember your first time bottoming!) and that the key is in small steps. Good luck!

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