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How to Have a Fabulous Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

It is said that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. However, it is not true that couples cannot wait for this day to arrive – for them it’s just an ordinary day during which they have to pay extra attention to their loved ones and break a bank to get them something nice and romantic. However, it is the single people all over the world that are making this holiday a big deal, especially since they might feel like losers for being alone on (yet another, or their first) Valentine’s Day. Let us tell you immediately – cut the crap! Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the worst thing that could happen, and there is a plethora of things you could do on the 14th of February. After all, some of these can be so much fun that you’ll definitely wish you didn’t have a boyfriend. Take a look:

Beautify yourself

First and foremost, make this Valentine’s Day all about you. You should love yourself the most, and since you’re single, take the money you would otherwise spend on someone else and spend it on you. The best option would be to book a spa day (or a massage, preferably a male one), relax, and cleanse your body and your thoughts. Make yourself feel like the independent King you are. If you want to be more extreme, however, you can always do something that you’ve wanted for a long time – getting Botox or any other beauty treatment. The bottom line is – do anything you’ve always wanted to try if that will make you feel better.

Single ladies party

Is there a better occasion for organising the most badass Single Ladies party? Beyoncé would definitely like it. You can organise a small party where you will invite all your single friends, and you know you have them. Get a bottle of good whiskey, play some catchy tunes and just enjoy the world where you don’t have to depend on anyone. Alternatively, book a small pub near you, send out invitations, and organise a party for all the single people who might want to join you. If you charge a small fee for the entrance, you are likely to collect enough money to pay for the venue and the drinks. And, let’s not even talk about the possibility of finding someone special there. They say that everything happens for a reason.

TV show marathon

Okay dudes, what’s better than this? Try this out – get a lot of snacks, perhaps a bottle of alcohol, put on your pyjamas, sit on your most comfortable sofa, and just spend hours re-watching your favourite TV show or simply binge-watch something that you wanted for a very long time. Since there’s a new season of Mama Ru’s show, this could be a great occasion to re-watch one of her perfect, old seasons. You’ll also get to see a lot of the pit crew, and this could be the candy for your eyes on Valentine’s Day. Make sure to watch a trash TV show, as a single Valentine’s Day is all about that. Go with Gossip Girl, Charmed or 90210. You know you’ll enjoy it.

Embrace your singleness

Being single is not something that you should be ashamed of or depressed about. It is something that many people who are in a relationship wish to have for at least a day, so it has to be a good thing, isn’t it? You can look at whoever you want or text anyone on Tinder without being judged. Embrace all the possibilities that you have – for example, cook yourself dinner and spend a quiet evening alone. If you simply don’t want to be alone, invite your bestie over and spend the night gossiping about bad relationships of the people around you. It will definitely work as you’ll probably say “thank God I’m single”.

Family time

V-Day is about love, and love doesn’t have a genre. Who says that it is only your boyfriend who you should be spending this day with? Take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your family that you love so much and rarely have time to see. If you’re in the position, book a trip for two for yourself and the favourite member of your family, and go away somewhere for the weekend. Bond with them and enjoy experiencing all the things this new place has to offer – party, go out, drink, shop, and never think about relationships.

It can be pretty stressful if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, and for many, it is the trigger that makes them feel a tad depressed. Don’t be like that – we were born alone, and thank God, we are very much capable of living on our own.  As the legendary Pussycat Dolls once said – you don’t need a man to make you happy.


Thanks to Peter Minkoff for guest-writing this blog post. Check out his previous post here.
Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at Woofd magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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