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Fitness Resolutions For Gay Men in Their 40s

Many gay guys think that turning 40 is the end of the path for them. They think it’s time to give up on their fun nights out, hookups or anything wild and exciting. However, you can live in your 40s better than in your 30s or even 20s! As long as you take good care of yourself and regularly work out and eat well, there’s no reason to feel any different just because you left your 30s behind. Here’s a little guide for all gay guys who are ready to tackle fitness and enjoy their lives to the fullest, no matter their age:

Don’t skip the warmup

Sure, you’re not at all old when you turn 40, but your body is definitely going to feel the changes. Therefore, before we start lifting heavy and running miles on the treadmill, it’s crucial to warm up those muscles. This will prevent injury and allow you to keep up with your workouts without pain. Cooldowns are also important. At this time, you can focus more on flexibility and stay limber and athletic so you can keep up with the youths in the club or between the sheets.

Choose the right activities

Do you really want to go to the gym and flip tractor tires? I thought so. Those crazy workouts that kids do in their 20s are still within reach but they are 100% not necessary. Instead, opt for activities like kettlebell workouts, barbell exercises, yoga, swimming and martial arts. Rotate these activities and you’ll get to build exactly the kind of strength and flexibility your body needs to handle getting older with grace. Many of these also happen in a group setting, so you can meet different people and network around them.

Stock up on the right gear

In the past, you might have been able to put on your runners and just go on a hiking or jogging adventure without any preparation or packing. Your 40s will definitely change that, and you’ll need to be much more prepared for your workouts. If you live somewhere hot and sunny like Australia, make sure to invest in quality gear that will help you control your body temperature and keep you safe. You’re going to need the best gym bag in Australia for that as well, just to hold all your spare clothes, towels, massagers and recovery tools. And don’t forget to get a bag with a water-resistant pocket so you can pack your shakes and not worry about spillage.

Take recovery seriously

Resting and relaxing can be good for your fitness. It’s true, you don’t have to read that twice! While you rest, your body is healing from the stress of the day and repairing the small damage you caused your muscles in the gym. This repair pushes your muscles to grow bigger and you can end up with those sexy arms and thunder thighs. On the other hand, if you just work out and don’t get enough sleep or rest, your body’s stress systems fire up, causing you to be hungrier, ignore healthy habits and end up feeling like a blown-out tire. Rest is a serious part of fitness and weight loss and should be treated as such.

Watch out how much you eat

There’s simply no fitness without a good diet. If you want to control your weight, it’s important to fill your plate with the right foods, but also watch out for the portion size. Calorie intake is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss, so be mindful of how much you eat. If you’re just starting your journey and need an easy-to-remember tip to control your portions, remember this: ¼ of the plate should be reserved for protein, ¼ for carbs and the rest belongs to veggies and fruits. Also, try to resist those mimosas and iced coffees—they are nothing but empty calories, and a lot of them!

For gay men, the 40s are often the best years. You’re independent, experienced and stable, and if you add good fitness to the mix, these can really be your highlight years!

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