I Fell in Love With My Best Friend & Our Sex Life Is Awesome

It’s interesting what happens when you start having feelings for your best friend—you don’t just welcome new emotions, you also bring secrets of the past: the stories, the drunken regrets and all that’s in between. But my man and I are a whole different story, honey.

Five years ago if you would have said I’d be shacking it up with my best friend, I’d have thought you were crazy. Countless of mutual friends told us how great we were together and how much they wanted us to date—both of us squealed with laughter at the thought of seeing each other naked. Little did we know how right they were.

Dating your best friend has enormous benefits, but the best one above all is the sex.

After years of exchanging sexual encounters with each other as besties, now, in the back of my mind I think, “Holy crap. I’m now one of his stories. But better.” The time we went out clubbing and he hooked up with some dude in the stall—I was there! Or the time I ended up staying the night with a random stranger in Vegas we met at the pool—he was there too! We remember these things and now, we’re part of a new story. Our story.

At the beginning we couldn’t touch each other without giggling, but that soon subsided. With the emotional tie-ins and past attachment, it become much more intimate than either of us expected. Not only that, but we’re also completely honest with each other about what is missing and how we might fix it.

Our relationship had always been one of honesty, and as a couple that expanded. Most of the time we know what the other is thinking before it’s mentioned—this has helped us have better sex. It don’t matter what, when or how, sexual fantasies are never kept hidden for long, even the craziest.

Having sex with your best friend is hysterical because in a weird way it’s like having sex with yourself. Each and every time the deed happens, I hardly feel pressure to try and compensate for anything because I know he’ll do it for me, and vice versa. We have a no secret policy—when one of us wants to have sex, we say it; and when one of us has a kinky idea, we share it. This has created a nonstop sex fiasco that’s lasted for years.

A major necessity for sex is intimacy and companionship. If you aren’t comfortable with your partner, sex is going to feel like a chore, a duty. My man and I find sex to be recreational. It’s a game that bonds us together in ways I never had before, honey, and let me tell you it’s not going away anytime soon.

If you ever feel like you’re falling in love with your best friend, trust me when I say don’t push it to the side because you’re afraid. Looking back I realized I loved him the second I saw his floppy hair but was too scared to see it. Now I get to see it every night before I go to sleep and once, sometimes twice, a day under the sheets. When your lover and best friend are the same person, sex becomes a never ending adventure.

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