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How to Pack for Your First Gay Pride Abroad

Ah, gay pride. Is there something happier and more colorful than this? (OK, if we’re talking about colors perhaps the Carnival in Brazil is somehow more colorful but let’s not be picky). Gay prides are organized all over the world – some are excellent, some are simply very good, yet some are not very tolerant. Be that as it may, if you’re going to one for the first time, make sure to choose a great one, and almost any European one might be the venue for you. Since you can go either alone or with someone else (LGBT or not – who cares?), it’s very important to know what things you should take with you. Take a look at the following list and put them immediately aside so as not to forget them once you hit the road for your first big gay party!

The necessities

First of all, make sure to take all the necessities with you. Make sure that you have all the documents you need along with your passport, as it would be quite difficult to get there without them, wouldn’t it? Moreover, let’s focus on the clothing. Since you don’t want to overstuff your luggage with unnecessary things, make a plan about your fashion combinations prior your packing. Of course, let’s say you’ll be walking the streets during Gay Pride (almost) naked, but what about those mornings or nights out? Planning everything in advance might save you a lot of time. Finally, bring everything you need from the Seed & Soul natural cosmetics department. Moisturizers, crèmes, toothbrush, body lotion – and don’t forget your favorite perfume as you want your scent to attract as many big guns as it can!

Good underwear

It doesn’t matter if you land something in your bed or not (well of course it matters, but let’s say it doesn’t), it’s extremely important to have the best underwear you own. If you’re not satisfied with any pair you have, go to the nearest shopping mall and do your shopping. If you want to be quite sensational, you can also go to the nearest adult shop or simply browse online for the best sexy underwear there is – everything depends on your outfit ideas. People will most certainly get to see your underwear at some point, and telling yourself differently might only bring a bit of embarrassment. So, good underwear in the streets, good underwear in the sheets.


As far as the accessories are concerned, many people tend to forget them and then pay a lot more once they arrive in a different country. For example, one of the most important things you have to take with you for the trip is a good pair of headphones. You’ll be needing them during the trip, and probably a couple of times once you arrive there (of course, everything depends on the fact if you’re going alone or accompanied). The Australian market offers a great variety of headphones which are cheaper than in other countries, so getting yourself with a pair of noise cancelling headphones in Australia is an excellent idea. It could also be a great idea to bring a book or two for your trip, so as not to be bored. You won’t have sufficient battery for you to browse through the internet, and the trip should be a great excuse for you to read something in case you don’t have time to do so at home. Furthermore, don’t forget the Gay Pride accessories, such as rainbow flags, glitter, badges, and all the sexy see-through t-shirts you want to wear there. You want those nipples, arms and stomach to be seen, baby!

Comfortable shoes

Since you’ll be walking and dancing most of your time, bring the most comfortable shoes you own. The best option would be great sports sneakers, as they are always fashionable, sexy and comfortable. You definitely don’t want to get blisters during the Pride, so equip yourself appropriately. If you’re going for a bolder look, you can take the sexy shoes you own but please make sure you can pull off a couple of hours in them. You won’t have the possibility of going barefoot through the streets.

These are the most important things you simply have to take with you on your first ever Gay Pride. If you need something else and you forgot to pack, you can buy it there. So, put your glitter on, work those ass muscles a bit more, get ready for the time of your life and sashay away!


Thanks to Peter Minkoff for guest-writing this blog post. Check out his previous post here.
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