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Tips On How To Make A Good Impression

Making a good impression is on everyone’s mind. Whether we care to see it or not, a first impression can stay with us days, weeks, and even months after meeting a person. But stop worrying! The more we get in our heads, the more anxious we’ll be.

All it takes to make a positive impression is to be as authentic as possible. Don’t try to impress people, they’re only human. No one in this world has power over you, except you. This, in a nutshell, is confidence – and that always sets the bar high during your first meeting with someone. Here are few other things that can help you along:

Don’t Be Guilty By Association – If you are hanging out with a bunch of hot messes, and you know they’re hot messes, maybe it’s best to keep them at a distance for a while. People often make first impressions based on the people around you.

Body Language – This is a biggie. Slouching, folded arms, fidgeting, touching hair, invading personal space, angling your body away from them, and a weak handshake are awful ways to communicate. Be open and engaging with your body. It’s the first thing people notice before we even utter a word.

Don’t Brag! – Nobody wants to listen to you talk about your accomplishments. Instead, make the conversation about them. This shows that you are curious, humble, and interested in them, which will ultimately make them interested in you.

Don’t Carry Your Baggage – If you’ve had a bad day, don’t carry it with you. Most importantly, do not bring it into conversation. Every conversation is a new slate, a chance to start new.

Don’t Look At Clocks/ Phones/ People – This is so annoying, right? If you know it’s irritating, then be considerate and don’t do it to other people. It will make them feel like you’re bored, uninterested, or inconsiderate.

Find Common Interests – Find common interests you may have, and expand on it. Don’t spend an entire conversation “getting to know each other.” Once you discover a common thread, go in that direction.

Remember Their Name – Don’t forget anyone’s name, even if you have to write it down on your phone, “Robert: blond hair, blue shirt.” This will make anyone feel important, and it will end everything on a good note.

Leave Them Wanting More – Conversations happen in arcs: the intro, the buildup, the climax, then a downward spiral towards an awkward, “Well… it was nice to meet you, my friends are waiting for me.” Try to end it as close to the climax as possible, this gives people more reason to remember you.

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