Diet & Exercise Tips for a 30 Something Gay Man

Just 10 years ago, you were the main eye-candy at the beach or the envy of every twink at the club. Today, things have changed drastically. You’re in your 30s, with a belly and skinny arms when it used to be the opposite. However, don’t despair! For gay guys, hitting 30 might seem like a disaster, but your best life is just in front of you. Here are a few diet and exercise tips to lift your mood, fix your body and turn you into a young daddy in no time!

Have a clear goal

Gurl, you need a vision to keep you going, a goal that will be easy to measure and understand. Write down this goal and keep it somewhere where you can see it multiple times a day. This can be losing a certain amount of weight, lifting X pounds or fitting into your fave skinny jeans.

Put on some muscle

Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? This means that two bodies that weigh the same don’t have to look the same—the muscular one will look objectively better. So find your gym outfit, get a membership for this hellhole (it’s not that bad actually) and turn fat into muscle. And don’t worry about having too much and turning into a muscle daddy. If you’re in your 30s and closing your 40s, putting on serious muscle mass won’t happen by accident.

If you want to start lifting, consider doing high-impact weight training a few times a week to gain muscle and boost strength. Start with low weights, measure your progress and increase weights gradually. Weight training will not only burn fat and grow muscle, but also reduce the risk of injury and boost your metabolism, both of which you desperately need in your 30s.

Do full-body exercises

No matter if you want to lose weight or put on muscle, your exercise plan shouldn’t only focus on arms or legs. It’s best if you do whole-body exercises like squats, deadlifts, chin-ups and pushups as well. This will ensure your every workout is performed to the max. Watch out for deadlifts. These need to be performed properly to avoid injury, so ask a buff dude (wink) to show you how to do them.

Do intervals

Interval training is perfect for gays who hate the gym because it’s fun and more effective than low-intensity exercise performed for longer. And interval training is perfect for boyfriends who want to get fit together because there are various partner interval workouts you can try out.

Recover like a king

Every fit man knows how important it is to recover properly—this is when your muscles grow and your body fuels with energy. If you feel sore after your workout (and you probably do) enjoy a Melo massager treatment that will kill all those knots, relax your muscles and prepare them for looking fab. If you’re a young gay, know that jumping into a tub of ice works wonders for recovery, but being over 30, you know that massage feels much better.

Eat breakfast

No, brunch margaritas don’t count as breakfast. Greek yogurt with some fruit and nuts, a smoothie or veggie+scrambled eggs does—you don’t need anything fancy for once. Eating breakfast will help with long-term weight maintenance and result in powerful workout sessions.

Ditch processed carbs

If you want to lose fat, really try your best to avoid processed carbs—they do nothing good for your physique. Keep them out of your apartment and office desk just to make things easier for you. Instead, snack on things like beef jerky or trail mix (that are other vegan options of amazing snacks).

Drink plenty of water

Luckily, carrying a cute water bottle everywhere you go is very trendy today, so make sure to always have water with you (iced coffee doesn’t count). According to science, people who drink 2 cups of water before a meal eat less and report better weight loss since water is the best way to fill up your tummy without getting any calories in.

Life doesn’t stop after thirty—for many gay men, it’s just beginning. So make sure your 30s are the sexiest decade so far with these healthy and effective diet and workout tips.

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