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How to Plan a Gay Honeymoon Road Trip

Having a gay wedding is not only important because of all the pressure of organizing the most fabulous wedding party ever, nor because of the fact that you just married the person that you love and that you want to spend the rest of your life with even with so many obstacles from all sides. No, having a gay wedding is also important because you get to register for all the amazing presents that you want to get (probably in order to decorate your house in the way you want) and because of the fact that you will get to plan your honeymoon. Honeymoon is an important part of a wedding, so it has to be quite unique and special. In order to stay away from the regular and somewhat cliché options, it would be a great idea to organize something different, such as a romantic, gay honeymoon road trip. You can play this in two different ways – either flying somewhere and then opting for a rental, or take your car and travel throughout your own continent. Be as it may, take a look at how to plan it out in the best possible way:

1. Do your research

What many fail to understand is that road trips are, even though a lot of fun, a bit more complicated to plan out. They require a lot of planning, and not only that, you will have to do your research before you actually start planning out your trip. Find all of the places that you want to see (or perhaps some distant and secluded places where you want to have sex – why not?) and map them out. Google and see if there are any hidden gems around the place where you want to go as it would be a shame to miss them. Apart from that, see what places work on the days you want to visit them, if it is necessary to buy the tickets in advance or something similar.

2. Prepare your car

Next up, it would be very wise to prepare your car, especially if you want to use your own car for the road tripping. Take it to a good mechanic and do a regular and complete check up to see if your ride is ready the trip. Since you will probably be traveling through unfamiliar terrain, it would be very good to opt for high-quality off road tyres as it is always better to have these just in case you need them. However, if you want to travel someplace by a plane and rent a car there, that’s also a good option, but make sure you know which car to take.

3. What to have in mind regarding accommodation

As far as accommodation is concerned, you probably know about all the ways that you can book a hotel room or an apartment, starting from regular hotels, to alternative options such as Booking or Airbnb. But, since this is your gay honeymoon, it would be an amazing thing to support your own community, and turn to LGBTQ-friendly accommodation options, such as mister&b, ebab, or any other gay accommodation services that you can find. This is how you will support your own community, and also rent a room or apartment someplace where you are sure to be welcome.

4. Know what to pack

Depending on the nature of your road trip, make sure check what you’ll actually need for the trip. If you are going to have a summer road trip in Australia, for example, driving around the coast and skinny dipping into different parts of the same sea or ocean, pack your light clothes, but do not forget to bring something long-sleeved in case you need it (and you will always need it now when we cannot really depend on the weather forecast). In the same manner, if you are visiting some chilly places, bring all of your thickest sweaters and clothes. In order to save space in your luggage, you can roll your clothes. This is something that many people take for granted, yet it’s an amazing way to save space. And we all know how gays are – the more clothes the bring to a destination, the better. That Instagram post will not be created by itself, will it?

5. Do not forget anything

As a last thing on your checklist (but definitely not the least important) – do not forget to pack the essentials. This first of all includes your passport and any other booking confirmations that you might have. The passport, credit cards and ID are the most important documents that you should always have by your side. Put them on your dining table a couple of days before you set off just to remember them. Next up, make a list of all the things you want to take with you. It would be a good idea to start creating that list several days before your journey just to make sure that you include everything that you think of.

But all that said, it definitely is one of the most beautiful moments of your life to organize your honeymoon. This trip is definitely unique and spectacular, so make sure you organize something special while there. Good luck and have an amazing time!

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