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Dec 20
Andrew Whiteside: The Elephant In The Room At The Latest Pride Hui

Somewhere between 80 and 90 people turned up at the Freemans Bay Community Hall on the evening of the 19th December for another hui about the future of Auckland Pride.  Pride Chair Cissy Rock facilitated the event and stated the gathering was a safe space to talk about the future of Pride right out to […]

Dec 07
Andrew Whiteside: The Board Has A Bigger Responsibility Now

The Auckland Pride Board had a victory of sorts at the Special General Meeting on Thursday by they surviving a vote of no confidence in them. It may not be a sweetly savoured victory however, because they now face bigger responsibilities and challenges than they had before the vote.  Essentially, by banning police uniforms from […]

Dec 06
Andrew Whiteside: Auckland Pride Chair Talks About The SGM And The Video

Tonight Auckland Pride is holding a Special General Meeting over the Board’s decision to ban police uniforms from the auckland pride parade in 2019. At the meeting, the board is facing a vote of no confidence over its handling of the decision.  Listen to Andrew Whiteside’s interview with Auckland Pride Chair Cissy Rock about the […]

Nov 27
Andrew Whiteside: Pride Toronto Has Lessons For Auckland Pride

Problems with police participation in Queer pride parades are happening in many cities around the world.  Toronto banned police from participating in their 2017 and 2018 parades, but have invited them back in 2019. How has Pride Toronto dealt with this issue?  Find out by listening to this audio interview Andrew Whiteside conducted with Olivia Nuamah, the […]

Nov 26
Andrew Whiteside: Did The Pride Board Consult Widely Enough?

During the past week we have seen a huge outpouring of anger and grief over the Auckland Pride Board’s decision to ban police uniforms from the 2019 Auckland Pride Parade. I have been incredibly disappointed by the public displays of this anger and some of the behind the scenes abuse members of our communities are […]

Nov 24
‘We are fighting each other’: how Auckland Pride’s uniformed police ban is causing “internal hate”

Police in Auckland have said they will not participate in the 2019 Pride Parade following a decision by Auckland Pride’s board to ban police from marching in uniform. New Zealand-based artist and advocate Shannon Novak explores why the issue is causing “internal hate” in the LGBTI community. *** “Fuck this, I’m out,” my mate Mark […]