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Tips For a Perfect Aussie Gay Summer Vacation

Even though they were a little late with accepting gay marriage, Australia is a well-known LGBTQ-friendly country. But, open and tolerant people are not the only reason you should have an Aussie gay vacation. Australia is gorgeous, unique, big and diverse, and you’ll definitely have a blast in this southern gem, whether you’re into wild nights out, nature exploration or swimming and enjoying the beach. Here are a few tips to remember for your perfect Australian gay summer vacation:

Choose the best cities to visit

Many destinations in Australia are not just friendly for gay singles and couples, but also full of amazing adventures on the land and at sea. Sydney is the capital of fun and urban lifestyle, while Melbourne is more artsy and edgy. Cairns is the heaven for tourists who are looking forward to their underwater adventures and want to party with other tourists. All in all, you can’t go wrong with metropolises because these are full of gay bars and queer festivals.

Time your trip

If you’re flexible with your arrival times, try to time your Australian trip so you can stay in the country during all the best LGBTQ events. For instance, the Midsumma Festival in January and February in Melbourne is a celebration of queerness with over 100 events and various parades. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is held in February and March, and is actually the largest LGBTQ celebration in Australia. In the summer, there’s also Adelaide Feast Festival celebrating queer arts and culture. There are many more Pride events all over the country from October to March, so time your visit well!

Move around

Australia is a huge country, and the only way to see at least a tiny portion of it is to move around. When you arrive, rent a car (just remember that Australians drive on the left side of the road) and go on a road trip. The best road trip route in Oz is, of course, the iconic Great Ocean Road which has plenty of cool places to stop and very satisfying rewards for your travel time. If you look up Great Ocean Road accommodation, you’ll find great little coastal towns from Torquay to Warrnambool and prolong your road trip. When cozy accommodation, you’ll get to enjoy your stops much better.

Don’t hesitate to meet people

Australians are very friendly and fun, and they will go above and beyond to make you feel welcome. However, if you’re a newcomer and don’t know how to simply approach people at the bar and make friends, you can use dating apps to meet people. Tinder and Grindr are very popular in Australia, and you don’t have to use them strictly for dating and hookups (even though that’s always an option). Through dating apps, you can meet super friendly groups of people, mingle with the locals and immensely improve your Australian summer vacation.

Forget about your diet

We know you want to look great in your little Speedos, but Australia has such a great variety of cuisines that you won’t be able to resist breaking your diet. Make sure to try all the different Asian-inspired dishes, as well as some of the best gyros in the world. However, focus on fresh seafood straight from the Australian ocean and wash it down with some top cocktails.

Be flexible and versatile

Due to the humungous size of the country, it’s essential to be flexible with your Australian itinerary. You can create a schedule of your trip, but once you arrive, don’t hesitate to let loose. You might spot a perfect little beach along the Great Ocean Road or you’ll meet an amazing group of friends in Melbourne. Don’t let your strict schedule prevent you from missing out on any spontaneous moment during your trip. The only thing to be mindful about is flights because you don’t want to miss those—it’s a real bother.

Australia is a dream country for many gay singles and couples. It’s got pride, friendliness and natural beauties, as well as sun-kissed men and women eager to welcome you to the Land Down Under—what more can your little gay heart desire?

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