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5 Sex Toys Every Gay Guy Should Own

We bid farewell to Pride month, but that definitely doesn’t mean that we cannot have gay sex during the rest of the year! It’s summer now, so it doesn’t matter if we’re single, in an open relationship or monogamists, an imperative on our to-do lists is to have as much sex as we can. So, in order to make our sex lives a bit more interesting, we can always turn to different sex toys – some are used in the intercourse while others can be used in the breaks between. Even though the culture of owning sex toys is on the rise, there are still those who are afraid to take this step. Well, a note to them: get one from the list below, and enjoy. Once you go sex toy, you never go back-oy. Let’s take a look at the most important sex toys that any guy, no matter if top, bottom or versatile, should own:


1. The good old dildo

Probably the most common sex toy that many cock-hungry gays (and girls) own, or want to own is a dildo. And it’s a great sex toy indeed. It can be used when alone and masturbating, which makes the whole jerking off process much more intense, or if you’re up for an imaginary threesome with your boyfriend, but still want to keep it exclusive, this tool is an excellent thing to have around. There are numerous shapes and colors for you to choose from, which can make the whole dildo-shopping process much more interesting and fun. However, if you want something very realistic and good, you can always get a Basix dildo that feels so real you won’t believe it’s made of rubber.


2. The glorious prostate massager

Another thing that any gay guy should have (and any straight one, but let’s keep it between us gays now) is a good prostate massager. Not only is it very healthy to massage your prostate, but it also feels amazing, and if you haven’t tried it – it’s your loss, so go and get yourself one immediately. If you want one of the best, you can opt for the Svakom prostate massager which is high-quality and will give you chills once you use it. The prostate (or the P-spot) is the male G-spot, and it’s very important for everyone to hit it once in a while (especially if you’re not bottoming very often). Just make sure to use a lot of lube before putting it in.


3. The almighty fleshlight

If your idea of a sex toy is a masturbation toy, why not choose the best of the best? The almighty fleshlight – a toy that’s used by many guys in general. This is a great thing to have when you don’t have a lover around to give you the peach, but who knows – perhaps you will be able to use it in actual sex with your partner. If you want the masturbation of your lifetime, you can always combine the fleshlight with a cock ring (where do we sign up for sexual triathlons, guys?) So, to sum up – a great thing to have if you want to jerk off, but have no one to do it for you.


4. The bold six ball chain

Since butt plugs are also something that many people have, why not choose something more BDSM and make the whole process bolder and more interesting? If you’re up for this challenge, you can always get a six ball chain, a great sex tool that will also open up your muscle and allow you to insert things in your peach. The best thing about this is that you can put the balls in your anus one by one (so you can put multiple) and take them out slowly, which is definitely a feeling that a regular butt plug cannot provide. If you’re up for more BDSM toys, you can always check the Basement Adult Shop & Cruise Store as you will find a wide range of toys there (such as ball stretchers, anal hooks, cock rings and much more). Why be boring when you can be interesting? (Insert background song – Rihanna – S&M here)


5. The vibrating cock ring

There are many different cock rings on the market, but if you’re a top and you really want to get revved up, you should definitely give the Tantus vibrating ring a go. It’s made out of something that resembles latex, and it comes with a small battery capsule that will give a special vibrating feeling to the base of your cock, making your sexual desire even bigger. Definitely try this out!


Even though there are many, many more toys that you can try (some can be even found in the grocery store such as duct tape which can be used for submissive bitches), these five are the best of the best. Each gay guy should have one at home – so if you’re new, choose the one that sounds the most interesting to you and enjoy!

Thanks to Peter Minkoff for guest-writing this blog post. Check out his previous post here.
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