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Category: Fashion

Jul 19
Interior Design for Gay Couples – 5 Essentials for an Authentic Home

The stereotype that gay people always have a refined taste for interior design and style still prevails, but you know that you have days when you’re all about enjoying a good cup of coffee in your bay window, while on other days, you just want Christmas back. Add another person into the mix, and it […]

Jul 13
Skincare Tips Every 30-Something Gay Guy Should Know

Most people believe that being in your thirties means you’re still as young and vibrant as you were ten years ago. Unfortunately, that’s very untrue, especially when it comes to your health. That’s why you need to remember one simple truth – you’re not young anymore! This means you have to take care of your […]

Sep 04
4 Ways to Express Your Queer Self with Fashion

Clothes may not make the (wo)man, but they certainly speak volumes of our beliefs, values, and personal preferences. Still buying without checking the label out? You might be unwittingly supporting fast fashion, unfair labor, and companies that violating human and animal rights across the board. Even more so, your color palette, your idea of trendy […]

Jul 29
5 Household Items Every Cool Gay Guy Should Own

Gay guys really do know what things they should buy and which ones they should stay away from. However, there are so many cool things that you could buy yourself, and it is very challenging to know which one you should buy first, which one is only cool yet not very usable, and what will […]

Aug 18
16 Ways To Look Good In The Gym

You go to the gym to look good out of the gym. Or at least, you did. What was once a private communion with your own pain has become a social space, where your efforts beneath a barbell are now the background to someone else’s mirror selfies. Which means one thing: it’s time to rethink […]